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Kurt Cobain in Solo Career Shock!

Melody Maker - July 25th, 1992

Kurt going solo rumours ...

The Nirvana rumour machine went into overdrive this week with stories circulating that the band's Reading Festival appearance will be their last together. Sources in Seattle claim that Kurt Cobain has already been at work on a solo project with a musician from a local band Sybil. Cobain is reportedly fed up with the pressures of stardom while bassist Chris Novoselic and drummer Dave Grohl have allegedly become disenchanted with the band, in part because of Kurt's continuing health problems.

A spokesperson for Nirvana's management in America has denied the break-up rumours. Nirvana are booked to appear on the MTV Video Awards broadcast in Los Angeles in September and the spokesperson alleged that the band are even planning some West Coast dates. Should the shows go ahead, they would be Nirvana's first fully-fledged American tour since the release of "Nevermind" a year ago.

Meanwhile, Kurt had more pressing problems on his mind on returning from Nirvana's recent European dates. He found his Los Angeles apartment flooded.

Unfortunately, for reasons best known to himself, Kurt had stored his tapes of all the songs he'd written in the last year in a dry shower stall. The flood filled the shower and bathroom with debris and waste and the tapes were destroyed along with many of Kurt's favourite guitars.