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Kurdt - (sign)
(position) vocalist; main song-writer
(description) - perfects the garage attendant style
(hobby) - can't handle one
(quote) - In Aberdeen, I hated my best friends 
w/ a passion, because they were idiots.

p - bassist
d - sideburned six-footed beanpole
h - competitive tree-climber
q - 99% of the music out there is bullshit. 
There are way too many bands out there 
and they just get in the way. So quit! 
Give it up! Turn in your guitars for 
shovels! You guys suck!

p - drumming blur
d - looks perpetually stoned
h - dishwasher
q - Why did I start playing music? 
Boredom, I guess. I wanted to be able 
to play the drums. I still do.

Yes, if it wasn't for the success of
Nirvana, the trio would probably be 
in a bowling league - probably w/a 
better name. But their neat bag 
of heavy drums, chord progressions, hard riffs 
and feedback give too much big-amp 
fun to keep 'em in their logging town 
brandished as Satan-worshippers.