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Q: What song is Kurt playing in the living room in Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! ?
A: He is not playing any song. He is jamming. He is playing a made-up riff and singing to himself in Krist's living room.

Q: Why did Kurt change the spelling of his name on some albums?
A: Because he wanted to confuse people, and keep the real spelling mysterious. He changed his mind later on when the band became "too famous".

Q: Who is the drag queen on the 'In Utero' disc?
A: Michael Dewitt, a friend and part-time nanny to Kurt and Courtney.

Q: What is the story behind the bootlegged Fecal Matter Demo?
A: It is a fake recording made by a fan. This is very old news, but some people are still trading it and selling it! One song from the real 'Fecal Matter' is available on the 2005 "Sliver: The best of the Box" album.

Q: What did Kurt think of Pearl Jam?
A: Kurt did not like Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament for various reasons, including old Sub Pop-related conflicts with their old band Green River. It made Kurt unhappy that old rivals of his were around again, but this time they were in his shadow. Because of this, he made several negative comments about Pearl Jam in the press. Kurt softened up later on and was developing a friendship with Eddie Vedder towards the end of his life. Contrary to popular belief, Pearl Jam and Nirvana are not arch enemies, and all members of Pearl Jam were devastated by Kurt's death.

Q: What does 'Fuhgawz' mean?
A: Eddie Vedder once wrote "Fuhgawz" on his shirt just before a photo shoot. Nobody knows if this was an inside joke, or a misspelling of the word "Fugazi" which is a famous punk band from Washington, DC. Kurt was either participating in the joke, or was poking fun at Eddie for misspelling the band name. Nobody knows for sure.

Q: What does 'CHAKA' mean?
A: There was an infamous graffiti artist in L.A. who tagged his trademark "Chaka" all over town. Eventually, he was caught and sentenced with community service, and he was told not to tag anything else. However, legend has it that after he left the building, they discovered that he had written "Chaka" inside of the elevator. Dave Grohl wrote "Chaka" on his drums as a tribute. It can be seen in the SLTS video.

Q: Who is the guy dancing on stage in LTSO and in the 'Lithium' video?
A: He is Tony, a friend of the band. He danced on stage at both Reading Festivals, 10/25/90, 10/31/91, and 12/03/91. The band thought he was hysterical, and often joked to the audience that he "writes all of their songs".

Q: How do you become an NFC Moderator?
A: First of all, there is no application to fill out or some alternate way to become one. The people who get picked as moderators are usually people who have; used the board for a while, been helpful and kind to the board's users, and followed the rules. Sometimes a new moderator is picked in a democratic fashion where a thread is created in the 'Here We Are Now' forum, asking who should be a mod. In that case, the person who gets most "support" has a good chance of getting picked for the job. Though, generally it is rare that we need to elect a new mod, so it is usually on the basis of conversations between existing mods and the administrator, or by discussions in the moderator forum, that a person is appointed moderator.

Q: Why is the song 'Downer' on Bleach AND Incesticide? Is it the same recording? Does it sound different?
A: Bleach was originally released on VINYL and CASSETTE only. When the CD version was released, "Downer" was added as a CD BONUS TRACK. When Kurt was assembling Incesticide, he decided to include "Downer" so that the people who don't have Bleach on CD could have the track. Yes, it is the same was only recorded once. And no, there is no difference in sound quality.