NFC Miscellaneous content NFC Competitions NFC Competition #1
The 1st Prize:

A rare CD promo of the "In Utero" track "Heart-Shaped Box". With it being a promotional copy it is very difficult to find in stores and is only available in a limited edition. The rare CD contains the album version of "Heart-Shaped Box" (4:39mins) The catalogue number is PRO-CD-4545. Front cover scan is presented here and back cover scan is available here. Don't miss the chance to win this Nirvana rarity!

The 2nd Prize:

For the 2nd prize we have lined up a treat for you. A double-LP set called "Seattle Sound, Sounds Great". The LPs contain a high quality recording of the amazing Nirvana performance at the Castle Theatre in Rome on November 19th, 1991. This is a complete recording of one of the most popular Nirvana live shows, released on Insect Records in 1992 (IST 23/2 LP). The front cover is presented here. View the back cover here. [its cut in the sides]

The 3rd Prize:

The 3rd and final prize is a CD-R containing a high-quality recording of the new "Outcesticide V - Disintegration" bootleg. The latest edition in this highly popular series contains a recording of the spectacular Nirvana demo recorded in Olympia, WA on 04/17/87. Also on the tape is rare songs from 01/10/92, the brilliant "You've Got No Right" and more. For this competition I can now offer it on a high-quality CD-R disc, thanks to SnaggY! View the back cover of the CD bootleg here & the front.

Out of the 862 people who entered their name to this competition, and answered all questions correct, the following winners have been randomly selected on May 15 '99

First Prize: Sean Kelleher [ ]
Second Prize: Lars Fogde [ ]
Third Prize: Alex Huth [ ]

For this competition, the 1st prize was generously donated by Simon Wright and Esprit Records.
The 2nd price was generously donated by Giovanni Rossi and Octopuss Multimedia.