NFC Miscellaneous content NFC Competitions NFC Competition #2
The 1st Prize:

"Teen Spirit: The Stories Behind Every Nirvana Song", a book by Chuck Crisafulli. This one you're gonna love. It is a 128-page book containing many great colour pictures of Nirvana and its members, while describing the meaning behind most of Nirvana's songs. In fact it gathers information about every song that can be found on the albums: 'Bleach', 'Nevermind', 'Incesticide', 'In Utero' and 'Unplugged in New York'. It also briefly describes the recording of the various songs and other nice details. Finally the book includes a brief Cobain interview, a Nirvana chronology and a discography. Trust me, you want to win this one! The front cover of the book is presented here. View the back cover here. Prize generously provided by Esprit.

The 2nd Prize:

Nirvana Interview CD. A picture CD, shaped as Kurt Cobain's face, containing an interview with the band. This limited edition picture CD should be a nice addition to all Nirvana collections. The CD was made in the UK, and a scan of the actual picture CD can be seen here. The catalogue number is SHAD B/C 1. Prize generously provided by Esprit.

The 3rd Prize:

"Outcesticide V - Disintegration" CD-R bootleg. The 3rd and final prize is a CD-R containing a high-quality recording of the new "Outcesticide V" bootleg. The latest edition in this highly popular series contains a recording of the spectacular Nirvana demo recorded in Olympia, WA on 04/17/87. Also on the tape is rare songs from the soundcheck of 01/10/92, the brilliant "You've Got No Right" and more. For this competition I can now offer it on a high-quality CD-R disc, thanks to SnaggY! View the back cover of the CD bootleg here & front. Notice that these covers don't come with the prize, as it is just a CD-R and not the original CD.

Out of the 636 people who entered their name to this competition, and answered all questions correct, the following winners have been randomly selected on July 1 '99:

First Prize: Peter Thisell [ ]
Second Prize: Nick Kelly [ ]
Third Prize: Andrew Olivares [ ]

For this competition, the 1st and 2nd prize was generously donated by Simon Wright and Esprit Records. The 3rd price was generously donated by SnaggY.