NFC Miscellaneous content NFC Competitions NFC Competition #3
The 1st Prize:

"Nirvana", a book by Jeremy Dean. Another great Nirvana book. This is a 128-page book containing many great colour pictures of Nirvana and its members. The book describes how Nirvana started and gives background info on the core members, as well as information about how the albums came to life and much more. Generally it is the story of Nirvana, though not as thorough as "Come as you are" for example. The book also provides a brief discography of Nirvana. The front cover of the book is presented here. Another very nice item that Im sure you would love to win! View the back cover of the book here. This great prize was generously provided by Simon Wright and Esprit.

The 2nd Prize:

Foo Fighters: "Monkey Wrench". A rare promo CD from Dave Grohl's band The Foo Fighters. The CD only contains the song "Monkey Wrench", alas a promo, from their "Colour and the shape" album. Promo CD's like this one can be hard to come by but here is your chance to get it for free! The promo doesn't come in a sleeve or anything like that. View cover here. This great prize was also generously provided by Simon Wright and Esprit.

The 3rd Prize:

Nirvana double-LP bootleg: "Seattle Sound, Sounds Great". I have another copy of this great item that was also used in the first competition. The LPs contain a high quality recording of the truly amazing Nirvana performance at the Castle Theatre in Rome on November 19th, 1991. This is a complete recording of one of the most popular Nirvana live shows, released on Insect Records in 1992 (IST 23/2 LP). The front cover is presented here. View the back cover here. [its cut in the sides]

Out of the 161 people who entered their name to this competition, and answered all questions correct, the following winners have been randomly selected on September 20th, 1999:

First Prize: Michael Jensen [ ]
Second Prize: Brandon Poynter [ ]
Third Prize: Laura Palachuk [ ]

For this competition, the 1st and 2nd prize was generously donated by Simon Wright and Esprit. The 3rd price was generously donated by Giovanni Rossi and Octopuss Multimedia.