NFC Miscellaneous content NFC Competitions NFC Competition #8
The 1st Prize:

NIRVANA: "Winterlong", an autographed book featuring an array of rare Nirvana photographs. This great book was made by the three photographers Martyn Goodacre, Steve Gullick and Stephen Sweet. It features a great collection of their best Nirvana photos, most of which have not previously been released. The book was released in conjunction with an exhibit in London, featuring the photos. You can read much more about the book in the news section and check a brief review with more details in the December 4 update. The book is somewhat new as it was released on November 23, and it can be difficult to find outside of Europe. As a special bonus, the book you will have a chance to win is autographed by the three authors. Obviously, the chance of getting a free autographed copy of this book is not something you'll get just everywhere! This book has been used in NFC Competitions before but fortunately we still have a few copies of it left. In this competition only one copy is given out, however. So, don't miss this one and enter your name right away! This prize was generously donated by Alex Proud of the Proud Galleries in London. View a large scan of the book's cover here. Note that the signatures are not on the cover of the book, but on page 1.

The 2nd Prize:

NIRVANA: "The Alternative CD & Vinyl Collectors Guide". An incredibly rare book, documenting hundreds of un-authorized Nirvana CDs (bootlegs if you will). The book covers bootlegs with recordings of Nirvana's entire career, featuring cover art, setlists and notes on all the CDs. The book also includes - among other things - an official discography, the UK Gig guide, "Stuff to avoid" and information on vinyl releases. This book is a must for any serious Nirvana collector. The book is brand new and in mint condition. View a large scan of the front cover here.

The 3rd Prize:

NIRVANA: 5 cassette tapes with un-released Nirvana recordings. I have a lot of Nirvana tapes lying around that I don't use anymore, so I figured I'd give some of them away in NFC Competitions. The 5 tapes given away as a 3rd prize in this competition contain recordings of the following Nirvana live shows:

  • 12/21/88 Hoquiam, WA
  • 01/20/90 Tacoma, WA
  • 02/14/90 San Francisco, CA
  • 08/24/90 Seattle, WA (featuring Dale Crover on drums!)
  • 11/23/91 Ghent, Belgium
  • 12/31/91 San Francisco, CA
    The 4th Prize:

    The NFC Compilation 2001; "Tainted Meat - Songs from the Internet Nirvana Fan Club". This is a CD compilation of songs made by people who post on the NFC Board -- the discussion board hosted by this site. The CD offers several great songs, made by the talented people roaming the boards of this site. This includes the beautiful song "Screwed Over", an acoustic version of "Marigold" and much more. More than 25 songs all together! The lucky winner will get two copies so there is one for a friend, too :) Don't miss this one!

    Out of the 424 people who entered their name to this competition, and answered all questions correct, the following winners have been randomly selected on April 1st, 2001:

    First Prize: Per Amundsson [ ]
    Second Prize: John William [ ]
    Third Prize: Andrew Mcintosh [ ]
    Fourth Prize: Jason Gerber [ ]

    For this competition, the 1st prize was donated by Alex Proud of the Proud Galleries.