NFC Miscellaneous content NFC Compilation Volume IV
Introduction: This compilation was compiled entirely on the basis of a thread in the Sounds of Distortion forum posted by Lee (mv) in August, 2007. The compilation was finished in late December of 2007. It represents music from people that, for the most part, are regular users of this forum.

Mission Statement: By Lee (mv): It had been several years since the last official NFC Compilation release with no sign of a new addition appearing in the foreseeable future. There had been much dispersed chatter in the sounds of distortion forum over the past couple years mentioning the concept of the users independently compiling a new volume to the series. While the idea was well received, the threads quickly submerged off the top page into exile never to be materialized. Late in the summer of 2007, this idea was once again brought to the forefront of the forum. Yearning for a new creative project to indulge myself into, I volunteered to head man the project.

Several months of collecting music from users gave me an impressive inventory of songs to choose from. With the submission details for the compilation only being advertised in the sounds of distortion forum, in turn appealing itself mainly toward the regular visitors of the forum, it gave the majority of the catalogue a much more select number than past compilations but providing a very authentic and familiar quality (at least to regulars of the forum). As a frequent visitor and poster in the forum since 2000, I recognized nearly every user I received submissions from, as well as being familiar with the music of many of them already.

While the compilation could of been stretched to fill multiple CD's worth of material, I chose quality over quantity. I thought this would encourage more listens and downloads of the compilation. By limiting submissions solely to original material and including just one song per band or artist, I was able to compress the compilation to one CD length (80 minutes). Only a few cuts needed to be made to achieve this. I can gladly state priority was given to the regulars of the forum and the only cuts made were submissions from inactive users or users with only a handful of posts.

After selecting the appropriate tracks, compiling them into the course that flowed finest, and leveling the audio to make the tracks wholly CD friendly...the fourth volume to the NFC Compilation series was hatched. The "buried treasure" artwork concept was intended to represent all the talented musicians from all over the globe that are cryptically being mostly bottled up (at least for now) in the lair that is the NFC forum.

Even after the compilations completion, it was still unknown whether or not the compilation would have to be independently released or not. Upon a quick note to RH, despite him admitting he was unaware of the project being brewed in the forum, Rasmus was gracious enough to embrace the project and was quick to add it alongside the past compilations. With all of that said, I present to you Volume IV of the NFC Compilation series. Enjoy!

Additional artwork
Artwork concept and design by mv
Download the entire compilation. (79:18) (90.6MB)

01. The Round - I've Fallen Short
NFC User(s): Crazy Dan Website: Link

02. The Last Broadcast? - Day of Reckoning
NFC User(s): MacGyver / Echo Flanger Website: Link

03. S. Burns - King's Protege
NFC User(s): Weinus Website: Link

04. Ten Past Nine - Once or Sometime
NFC User(s): Mikeje Website: Link

05. I Like You - Rivers
NFC User(s): SBG Website: Link

06. Monimino - dONKEY kONG
NFC User(s): Monimino Website: Link

07. Leptus - Nobody Knows
NFC User(s): mv Website: Link

08. The Sprawl - Peach Pit
NFC User(s): satirejohn Website: Link

09. Raison D'etre - Emerald Eyes
NFC User(s): Evan Website: Link

10. Filip - Introduction to Sampling
NFC User(s): kdcghost Website: Link

11. Efecto Negativo - Miedo
NFC User(s): Antifacho Website: Link

12. Dedalo - Antes del Comienzo
NFC User(s): clit dude Website: n/a

13. Paracelsus - Mountain Alchemy
NFC User(s): Simulacrum Website: Link

14. Xanadu - Intranquillity
NFC User(s): Axle Brain Slut Website: Link

15. Another Life - The Back Breaker
NFC User(s): Angel of Death Website: Link

16. Consciousness Removal Project - Unconscious
NFC User(s): Echo Flanger Website: Link

17. Tess Tickle - Little Beaver
NFC User(s): Tess Tickle Website: n/a

18. Bullet Safe Inside - Our Eyes
NFC User(s): Weighted Memory Website: Link