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Introduction: This quiz features various Nirvana-related questions. Upon finishing the quiz you will be informed how many questions you answered correctly. If you get all of them right, you will be added to the winners page. You may view it here.
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01) Who was the first person to put a guitar in the hands of Kurt Cobain, at age 2 ?
His mom, Wendy
His father, Don
His aunt, Mari Earl
His uncle, Chuck Fradenburg
None of the above

02) When was the 'Organized Confusion' demo supposedly recorded ?

03) Which of the following names were never used by the band ?
The Sellers
Throat Oyster
Skid Row
Brown Cow

04) What's the title of the Kiss song that Nirvana covered in 1989 ?
Going Blind
Rock 'N Roll All Nite
Sure know something
Do you love me?
Love Gun

05) What was the initial title of the song that was later re-named to "Breed" ?
Pay to Play
Song in D
Token Eastern Song

06) What does the tattoo (the "K") on Kurt's arm refer to ?
A record label
An ex-girlfriend
A band Kurt liked
A record Kurt liked
A beverage

07) When was Nirvana's debut album Bleach released in the US ?
May 5, 1989
May 20, 1989
May 27, 1989
June 12, 1989
June 15, 1989

08) Who of the following drummers never played for Nirvana ?
Greg Hokanson
Dale Crover
Chad Channing
Barrett Jones
Dan Peters

09) Where was Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love married ?
Waikiki, HI
Seattle, WA
Aberdeen, WA
Washington, DC
Las Vegas, NV

10) Who joined Nirvana onstage at the 1991 Reading Festival ?
The Meat Puppets
Eddie Vedder
Eugene Kelly
Neil Young
Michael Stipe