NFC News 02/2000
- - - February 29, 2000 - - -

As announced yesterday, the Dutch 'Planet Internet' was hosting a chat with the Foo Fighters earlier today. The chat went pretty good, though the applet used for the chat was a tad annoying. I got a couple of my questions answered by the guys, including if they'd come to Scandinavia anytime soon and what it was like to perform on David Letterman's recent 'Welcome back' show. I also asked if Dave had visited this website but I don't believe the question was answered, as Dave wasn't behind the chat screen at the time. Apparently, the four band members were taking turns in answering the questions. I put up a couple of screenshots from the chat that you can check out if you'd like. Screenshot #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5. I'm working on getting a complete log of the chat, but do let me know if you have one. Once again thanks to Jeroen for telling us about the event. For the lucky Dutch people, the Foo's will be playing at the 'Melkweg' in Amsterdam tonight. The same place Nirvana did a show some ten years ago.

- - - February 28, 2000 - - -

I finally got around to updating the rare pictures gallery with some great snaps from the Nirvana book "Winterlong". I added nine pictures, all shot by photographer Steve Gullick who gave me permission to put some of his work on this site. The photos were mostly shot of the band while they were on the road, ie. at Reading '91 and in Scandinavia 1992. I hope you'll enjoy the photos. More from the same book will probably be put up eventually. Check the first nine scans here, courtesy of Mr. Gullick.

Tomorrow, there will be an online chat session with the Foo Fighters, hopefully including former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl. I believe the chat will start at 6.30 PM, Central European Time. It should last half an hour or so. The session is hosted by the Dutch 'Planet Internet'. Thanks a bunch to Jeroen Bos for this news.

- - - February 26, 2000 - - -

On April 5, 2000 there will be a Nirvana special on the television channel M2 (MTV 2). They will air a 'Kurt Cobain remembered special', Nirvana's MTV Unplugged show and a 30min show called 'Nirvana - A video history'. "On 5th April Kurt Cobain took his own life, he was 27. To mark the 6th anniversary of his death M2 will be showing a special evening of programming as a tribute to undoubtedly one of the most important musicians of recent times." Thanks to 'Wev' for this news. Be sure to mark this day in your calender, as I'm convinced several other channels will also be airing Nirvana specials this day.

- - - February 25, 2000 - - -

The latest poll "Did you like the new Foo Fighters album, 'There is nothing left to lose' ?" ended with the following result: 'Yes' - 1113 votes (75%). 'No' - 369 votes (25%). So, out of the roughly 1.500 votes, 3/4 of them were for "Yes". Thus we should be able to conclude that the wast majority of this website's visitors enjoyed the latest album by the Foo's. I just put up a new poll: "What is your favorite part of this website?". This is strictly to determine which part of the website is most visited. So, go vote already! The poll can be found in the bottom of the main page.

I just put up a very interesting article about one of the very first bands that featured Chad Channing, the former Nirvana drummer. The band, Color Me Gone, was formed while Chad Channing was still attending Anacortes High School in the state of Washington. Chad was just 18 years old at the time. A magazine called Klipsun wrote an article partly about the band - an article you can now read here. The article features a review of the band's first ever gig, and a brief interview with them. The band consisted of Chad Channing on drums, Stan Bennett on vocals, Doug Cassidy on bass and Mark Madenwald on guitar. Special thanks to Stan Bennett for the Klipsun article. Read it here.

The March 2000 issue of the magazine 'Rock Sound' has some exclusive pictures of Nirvana, by the photographer Youri Lenquette. Thanks to Mark for this one. The magazine also has a 'Gone but not forgotten' poll, where Kurt Cobain is #1, and 3 Colours Red are #2 with Soundgarden taking the #3 spot. Thanks to Aaron Williams for this.

- - - February 24, 2000 - - -

As announced earlier, the British VH-1 aired a Nirvana/Kurt Cobain special last night, in honour of his birthday. Unfortunately, it was only aired on the British VH-1 which is available in the UK only. The European/Nordic VH-1 was airing some Depeche Mode special at the time, while I believe the US VH-1 aired a Weird Al special. I did obtain a recording of the show's audio part though. It sounds like an interesting program, offering some common interviews, live clips and clips of Nirvana's videos. But nothing extraordinary.

Yesterday was the day for the 42nd Grammy awards, a definite highlight in the music industry. Santana ran off with most of the big awards - such as 'Record of the year' and 'Album of the year'. The 'Hard Rock Performance' award went to Metallica for their "Whiskey in the jar cover" (its beyond me why this song was nominated) and 'Best metal performance' went to Black Sabbath. Phil Collins and Madonna also won for their respective soundtrack contributions. View a full list of winners here.

Steve Gullick, one of the authors of the Nirvana book "Winterlong", put up a few cool snaps of Nirvana at his official website. I have not yet scanned any of his terrific photos but I will soon, and put them online. In the mean time, check out his website here.

I just joined the 'affiliate program' of, a website selling a bunch of posters, including a few nice ones of Nirvana. If you are interested in these or some of the great movie posters they have, just follow this link: All Posters.

A couple of days ago (February 22 to be exact) the lovely actress Drew Barrymore turned 25. Happy birthday, Drew! Drew was dating Hole bassist Eric Erlandson for a while, and is a close friend of Courtney Love. Speaking of birthdays, the great actress Jennifer Love Hewitt turned 21 on the 21st of February. Happy birthday, Love!

- - - February 20, 2000 - - -

Today, Kurt Cobain would have turned 33 as he was born on the 20th of February, 1967. So happy birthday Kurt, wherever you are. Speaking of birthdays, it has now been about four years since I opened 'The Danish Nirvana Page' upon which the Internet Nirvana Fan Club was built in April 1997. This site opened on April 8, 1997 so there is still a couple of months to go before we can celebrate the 3-year anniversary of I don't know the exact date of when the 'Danish Nirvana Page' opened but I believe it was around late February or early March of 1996. Anyway, happy birthday Kurt. Rest in peace.

- - - February 19, 2000 - - -

As you might know, David Letterman will return to his late show this Monday. He was away from the show for a couple of weeks due to undergoing heart surgery. Appearing at the 'welcome back show' will be the Foo Fighters, apparently performing the song "Everlong" from their second album. David Letterman is said to have requested this band specifically, and he also requested that they would play "Everlong". This seems likely as the 'late show band' have been jamming on the song a bunch of times, and the Foo's themselves have also been on the show playing the song a while ago. So, all you lucky people in the US can catch the Foo's on Letterman this Monday night on CBS. Other guests on this show include Regis Philbin and Robin Williams. Thanks to 'stoptherap' and several others for this story.

Rich sent in this story: "I've just found out using the UK television Guide program 'DigiGuide' that VH1 UK will be airing a program called Egos and Icons about Nirvana. 'A fascinating look at the short history of the most important band of the 90's. Includes rare footage of the late Kurt Cobain discussing musical influences and his unusual take on fame.' The show is aired at 10 PM on Wednesday, February 23rd." Thanks Rich!

Mitch Vassar, one of the webmasters of the terrific 'digital nirvana', is working on a FAQ about the popular "Outcesticide" bootlegs by Blue Moon Records. These bootlegs were the first to surface some of the more rare Nirvana recordings out there today. If you can help with the FAQ, or just want more information about the project, go here.

- - - February 18, 2000 - - -

Here is a very very interesting, but also mildly disturbing, story from All Star; "Courtney Love, Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson, and the Estate of Kurt Cobain filed a lawsuit Thursday (Feb. 17) against two Toronto-based individuals, Ray King and Adam Corelli, for cybersquatting, among other complaints. Through, Inc., the two men own the Web sites,, and, which are not sanctioned by either band. The suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, states, 'Without plaintiffs' permission or consent, defendants have engaged in a deliberate scheme to infringe and dilute plaintiffs' valuable rights in their names and marks.' The sites in question also have 'reproduced, displayed and distributed in interstate commerce, and therefore infringed, numerous copyrighted works which Estate of Kurt Cobain owns or in which it has a beneficial interest.' The site can easily be mistaken as an official site, as it has numerous Nirvana audio and video clips, lyrics, and some of Cobain's artwork, among other materials. In addition to cybersquatting, the plaintiffs' complaints also include trademark dilution, trademark infringement, statutory misappropriation of name and right of publicity, unfair competition, and copyright infringement. Also named as plaintiffs are the Estate's executor Kenneth L. Shubert, Jr.; the End of Music, LLC, which owns the Kurt Cobain trademark; and Hole's company Doll Head, Inc., which owns the Hole trademark. They are seeking an amount up to $100,000 for each infringement by defendants. The suit claims that the infringements total 'more than 90 recordings of musical works written and/or performed by Kurt Cobain, the lyrics for more than 75 musical works by Mr. Cobain, and at least one video for a musical work written and performed by Mr. Cobain.' " This story was courtesy of AllStar News. Thanks to Tyler for the link. Feel free to discuss this on the NFC Discussion Boards.

Here is an update on the story above, again courtesy of All Star News; "Adam Corelli, one of the defendants named in the lawsuit filed by the Estate of Kurt Cobain on Thursday (Feb. 17), is denying that he has 'anything to do with the sites' in question. Corelli, his company Homebranch Inc., and Ray King are named as defendants in a suit filed in Los Angeles over the domain names,, and (see story, this page). The Estate, along with Courtney Love, Hole's Eric Erlandson, and Kenneth L. Shubert, Jr., the executor of the Estate, is suing for a variety of complaints, including trademark dilution, cybersquatting, trademark infringement, statutory misappropriation of name and right of publicity, unfair competition, and copyright infringement. However, according to Corelli, he does not own the domain names in question. Ray King is listed as the owner of the site, according to Network Solutions, a domain name look-up service. Corelli says that King, his former site host up until 18 months ago, was notified by him that his site was erroneously going to and he asked him to fix the problem. 'I sent him seven emails to correct the DNS [domain name system] server information because his name was pointing to my site,' says Corelli on the phone Friday (Feb. 18) from Canada. 'I had nothing to do with the name. This is a DNS conflict.' "

Today, the 'Nirvana' forum of the NFC Discussion board will reach post number 10.000! Though, these posts only date back to November 16, 1999 which is just three months ago. This leads me to believe that the 'Nirvana' forum is getting approx. 3300 monthly posts. Most of the posts prior to this date have been deleted, except for the most interesting posts which were moved to the archive. Also, you can currently find thousands of posts in the other three forums, topped by the 'Junkyard' which currently holds more than 5.000 posts (only dating back to January 8, 2000). All together the four forums currently contain something in the area of 20.000 posts made by the approx. 750 registered users. Thanks to all those who have created interesting discussions and special thanks to the nine moderators for keeping it all together. NFC Discussion Board.

- - - February 17, 2000 - - -

For the first time in a while, the NFC FAQ was updated. All the text is now 'justified' to make it look a bit more pretty. A few corrections here and there were done as well. No new questions/answers were added in this update but they will follow shortly. Check the FAQ here. Also updated, again, was the Nirvana in movies and TV section. The US gameshow "Who wants to be a millionaire" has been mentioning the word 'Nirvana' in their questions several times lately, so that was noted in the file. Check out the latest update of this file here. Thanks.

Over at they have some clips of Krist Novoselic talking about censorship, WTO and politics. The clip was recorded at one of the stops of the Spitfire tour, a tour organized last year to advertise for free speech and such. The tour features artists such as Krist Novoselic, Woody Harrelson and others. You can get the MP3's of Krist's speech here. You can also check out the official Spitfire website. The Spitfire tour will continue in 2000, where Krist Novoselic is scheduled to be at the Reed College in Portland, OR on March 9 along with Moon Zappa, Kennedy (of MTV), and Michael Franti. More details.

The Australian channel 'V' will be airing a Nirvana special this Monday; "Nirvana Special to commemorate Kurt's Birthday (he would have been 33 on Sunday 20 February). We play every Nirvana clip in the [V] library, from the original 'About a Girl', to 'Drain You' (from the final live album 'From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah'). Also an appearance from Weird Al, and a David Bowie song that Nirvana covered on Unplugged in New York - 'The Man Who Sold The World' " Thanks to 'scholar' for this story.

- - - February 15, 2000 - - -

Chad sent in this, which I thought was somewhat interesting; "This is a mass message too all who have supported Students Against University Censorship in one way or another. The petition is going strong, we have over 200 signatures, and that's not bad considering the site has been up for less than a day. Our goal is to obtain 10,000 or more signatures by March 15, 2000. If we attain that number, we may be able to gain free legal support to explore our options. We want to fight the RIAA. We have added a news page and mailing list to the front page, if you want to check that out and subscribe to it, that would be great. Up Records has decided to support our fight, they sent us a message that you can check out on the front page. Also, the CEOs of K Records and Sub Pop Records have signed the petition as well. The key thing we need now is growth. I want to get as many universities in on this as possible, so it would be great if you could give the organization exposure, if you have the means to do it." RIAA is the Recording Industry Association of America who have been cranking down on college campuses lately, to expose students distributing illegal mp3 files. For more information on this, go here.

In case you are interested the Academy Award nominees were announced today. And no, Courtney Love was not nominated for her part in "Man on the moon" ;) You can check the full list of nominees here. Courtesy of EW Online.

- - - February 14, 2000. Happy Valentines Day ! - - -

A couple of minor updates were done today. The list of Nirvana songs was updated, fixing a few errors, and the list of Nirvana in movies and TV was updated as well. Check the list of Nirvana songs here and the latest update of Nirvana in movies and TV here. Make sure you also download the two MP3's put up recently, with noise-reduced versions of the songs Bambi Kill and Clean up before she comes. Both files are offline now, sorry.

- - - February 13, 2000 - - -

The most fanatic "Kurt was murdered" website has once again been updated with e-mails that were allegedly sent by Kurt's widow, Courtney Love. A while ago, the guy running the site, Andrew Amirault, also received e-mails from someone claiming to be Courtney. Amirault shortly after published all of the e-mails to his website. The fact that the e-mails were sent from a University in Scotland didn't seem to bother him. Now, the fun continues with another interesting e-mail allegedly sent by Courtney; "thought you would like to know,that i am a major succubus,and i wanted to warn you,to stay away from Time Square on April 8th 2000,i have been hired $4500 to dispatch you .Thats all your worth I guess. I would'nt know.I dont know who you are,I dont know why this person wants you burried,but he is a very rich man,and he is 29 years old...ring any bells? Other than that,I dont know much about him.Id thought Id give you a sign flashing BEWARE. This is not a joke,nor a fake quote. You will be destroyed if you attend Time Square NY on April 8th." - following that is the line "im sorry" repeated about 5 billion times. The e-mail is supplemented by an article written by Andrew Amirault, featuring an interview with himself ... ! Read the article here.

A website called 'Rock FM' is featuring Nirvana as the artist of the month at the moment. The feature tells the story of Nirvana in headlines and provides a soundclip of 'Been a son'. Generally it is a pretty nice website, offering a mailinglist, music news, charts and much more. Rock FM website. Thanks to Helder Gomes for the link.

- - - February 12, 2000 - - -

Since most of the reactions to the MP3 I put up yesterday have been positive, I thought I'd put up another. As Eric correctly noted, these are not actually "re-masters" since you need the source master recording in order to be able to produce a re-master. But in lack of a better word, I'm just going to call it a re-tune up or something. In any case the song "Clean up before she comes", also from the Outcesticide IV bootleg, had a lot of hiss on it so I removed that and performed some other small improvements. I think the result is pretty good. You can download it here. I am not sure when this track was recorded but it was probably around the same time they recorded the 'Bambi Kill' clip that I put up yesterday. Enjoy!

As you might remember, there was a huge WTO protest in Seattle a couple of months ago. This yielded an anti-WTO concert by the 'WTO Band' featuring Krist Novoselic and Kim Thayil from Soundgarden, among others. Now it seems that a recording of this concert will be released officially; "SHIPPING MAY 08, 2000 : virus 250 THE NO W.T.O. COMBO (featuring JELLO BIAFRA, KIM THAYIL, KRIST NOVOSELIC, GINA MAINWAL) live from the battle in seattle LP/CD. On November 31st, 1999 Jello Biafra, Krist Novoselic, Kim Thayil and drummer Gina Mainwal performed a one-off protest concert against the World Trade Organization, and all that it stands for, at The Showbox in Seattle."

"History, insurrection and tear gas was in the air, as hundreds of fans and weary protestors defied the Seattle police curfew to show up and rock the house. Tension was everywhere. No one knew if the show would even happen 'til the band walked out on stage. Biafra had been out rabble-rousing to gatherings big and small. Krist spent days filming as much of the ruckus as he could. Kim and Gina just wanted to reach the venue without being gassed and arrested. Somehow amongst it all, time was found for three rehearsals. The plot began when Biafra and Krist were brainstorming with protest organizers for music talent to add to the events. Big names were proven 'unavailable', so Krist drafted Biafra and the all-star pseudo-supergroup was hatched. The NO W.T.O COMBO was recorded live on multi- track and mixed by Krist Novoselic and legendary grunge wizard Jack Endino; capturing the energy and 'you-are-there' ambiance of a night like no other. Artwork includes lots of W.T.O. info, photos, and a personal journal and reflections by Krist Novoselic. Biafra ties together many ideas from his spoken word albums and adds a few new ones on the opening track. The NO W.T.O. COMBO performs two new Biafra songs and two more that may be familiar. 'Live From The Battle In Seattle' is just over 40 minutes in length. Roughly 15 minutes of spoken word and 25 minutes of music." Thanks to Micah Jasper and Derek Allison for this news. I don't know where you'll be able to get the CD once its released, but I'll keep you posted if I get more information.

- - - February 11, 2000 - - -

So I was listening to some of the Outcesticide bootlegs the other day and noticed how crappy the quality was on some of the tracks. So I decided to do something about it. While my skills at re-mastering songs are quite poor I think I managed to make a few songs sound a bit better than they did on their original source. So, for now, I made a re-master of the song "Bambi Kill" (aka. "Bambi Slaughter") from the Outcesticide IV bootleg. I tried to remove all the hiss on the track, and I cranked up the decibel rate a little bit. While the result makes the song sound a bit too 'clean' I'd still argue that its better than the original. Some speculate that the song was lifted from the legendary "Fecal Matter Demo", but the most realistic theory is that it was recorded sometime in early 1988 or late 1987. The song will be online for a limited time, in MP3 format. Download it here and let me know if you like it. Ideally you should listen to the 'old' version on Outcesticide IV first.

The terrific actor Jim Varney, better known as 'Ernest', has died of lung cancer. "Jim Varney, the rubbernecked comic who played his rube character Ernest from hundreds of television commercials to a series of hit movies, died Thursday at his home. He was 50." This sad story was courtesy of CNN QuickNews. More here.

- - - February 8, 2000 - - -

I just registered the domain "" which will, for now, merely be an alias of this website. So if you go to you will automatically see the exact same content as you can see at So both those URL's basically point to the same files. This little feature should work for everyone within the next couple of days. If you can't get working properly just use as usual. Later it's the plan to put some sort of Nirvana site up on the domain, possibly several sites. It is still very much up in the air as to what the domain will be used to host. I am of course not going to build a whole new Nirvana site just for the sake of that domain name. So while the future of the URL is decided, you can use it as an alias for NFC.

A lot of sources, including dutch 'TMF' and St. Lois radio station 105.7, are still reporting that the Nirvana boxed set will be released soon. This is not correct. Again: there is still no official release date for the set and only a few of the songs that it will contain have been confirmed. A release this year is possible but not very realistic. We'll keep our fingers crossed though. Check the latest info on the box here. Thanks to Nick and Koen for some of the rumours.

A new Nirvana book, written by Kurt St. Thomas who did Nirvana's 1992 Interview CD (Nevermind: It's an interview), is getting closer to a release date. A source involved with the project says the book has been finished and contains a lot of interesting material. AllStar news reported a while ago that it would possibly be entitled "Nirvana: The Chosen Rejects".

Dan sent in this story that he found in the January 27 edition of the New York Post; "Our favorite rock goddess, Courtney Love - who expressed her fashion genius at the Golden globes by removing the trim of dead mice and tiny beer cans from her revealing John Galliano gown - was recently shot for next month's Fashion of the Times supplement. When she arrived at the studio and was asked what she wanted on the sound system, she replied Nirvana - 'and I better not read about how I listen to my dead husband on Page SIX.' Sorry, Love." Hmm, interesting :)

- - - February 4, 2000 - - -

Dave Grohl just commented on his little drunk driving incident recently; "Foo Fighter Dave Grohl has taken the time out of his Australian touring schedule to respond to his Jan. 23 run-in with the law on the band's official Web site. 'Taylor and I had rented these little scooters on our day off so that we could go riding around from beach to beach,' says Grohl in his posting. 'They were awesome, little suckers that don't even go 30 mph, but cool nonetheless. The day of the show, we decided to ride them over to the show grounds instead of taking the shuttle. We played, had fun, I even brought the scooter up onstage for a laugh, to make fun of Rob Halford. 'After the show we watched a few more bands, it started to rain, so we decided to get the scooters back to the hotel,' he continues. 'Taylor and I got on and whizzed our way back towards the hotel. About a mile or two before the hotel, there was a police breathalyzer stop thingy. Maybe like six or seven cars ahead of us. They were checking everybody, but I wasn't worried because A) I was on the silliest little scooter you've ever seen, and B) I only had four or five beers in a period of three and a half or four hours. I thought they'd wave me by. I wasn't driving recklessly, I wasn't pulled over. I drove up to them.' Grohl was arrested and spent a few hours in jail in Southport, Australia before being fined by Southport Magistrates Court on Jan. 31. 'I got fined, and it's over,' he says. 'I wish I hadn't done it, of course, but I don't want anyone thinking that I'm out here on tour, wrapping cars around trees ... just riding rental scooters straight into the police's hands. So, people, I guess if there's anything to learn here, it's don't drive after a few beers, even if you feel entirely capable like I did,' he continues. 'Don't underestimate the definition of a 'Motor Vehicle,' and always let Gus [Foo Fighters' manager] drive you home. Sorry if you all think I'm a dork. Believe me, I feel like a total dickweed, but you gotta kinda laugh. Ever see that scene in Dumb and Dumber where they take the mini-bike to Aspen? Picture that, but here down under.' " Thanks to AllStar News and for this story.

- - - February 3, 2000 - - -

I just received permission from photographer Steve Gullick to put up some of his work on this site. A lot of the photos he shot of Nirvana are presented in the book "Winterlong", published late last year in the UK - accompanied by an extensive exhibit of the photos in the book. Steve followed the band on their 1992 Scandinavian tour, at the Reading '91 festival and several other interesting dates. So, some of his terrific Nirvana photos will be put up on the site soon. Special thanks to Steve Gullick for granting permission.

"It may have been one of the hottest Golden Globes parties, but some of the guests were slightly miffed at COURTNEY LOVE, when the hostess herself made some stunning gaffes. First she mistook 'The Sopranos' star James Gandonlfini for her bodyguard and barked orders at him, until he finally convinced her he was actually a guest, reported Australia's New Weekly Magazine this week. Then back went her foot in her mouth when she thought Lara Flynn Boyle of 'The Practice' was 'Ally McBeal''s Calista Flockhart. 'I just love you in those miniskirts on Ally', she said to her. Flynn Boyle then told her she was in 'The Practice'. 'You're practising what, dear?' asked Love. Then she sashayed over to a pregnant Annette Benning and offered her a cigarette and 'stiff drinks'." Thanks to Dan for this story.

- - - February 2, 2000 - - -

The 5th NFC Competition finally ended today and the winners were randomly picked. It surprised me a bit that only a little more than 300 people entered, but in any case, out of those the two lucky winners of the first prize - a signed edition of the new book "Winterlong" - are: Nitzan Chelouche and Magnus Valen. The lucky winner of the second prize is Peder Enĝe Pedersen while the lucky winner of the third prize is Henri Immonen. Congratulations to the four winners. We will have yet another competition up for you soon. I still have a couple of signed copies of the "Winterlong" book left that will be given away in future competitions. Thanks to Proud Galleries and Esprit Records for providing the great prizes for the 5th NFC Competition.

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