NFC News 03/2000
- - - March 31, 2000 - - -

"Handwritten lyrics by KURT COBAIN and a wide range of other memorabilia donated by NIRVANA, PEARL JAM, SOUNDGARDEN, MUDHONEY and Sub Pop will be included in a new rock'n'roll museum opening in Seattle this summer. When it opens its doors on June 23, the Experience Music Project (EMP) will dedicate an entire exhibit area to the Seattle grunge scene, called Northwest Passage. As well as a wide range of grunge artifacts, the fully interactive museum - the brainchild of Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen - will also include videotaped interviews with ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, former Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil, Pearl Jam's Mike McCready and Mudhoney's Mark Arm and Steve Turner." This interesting story was courtesy of NME. As far back as late '98, this site put up a bit of info about the museum in the interview with Chad Channing's parents. You can find more info here.

For those who are interested; "Hi my name's Erv Felker and I play in a rock band called Difuser. On April 8th (mainly because its a Saturday & easily booked for us) we're doing a Nirvana tribute show, complete with an In Utero stage, and video presentation from MTV recorded April 8th 1994. Its in Tulsa, OK (21st & Garnett) at The Crystal Nite Club. 18 & over only. [The show] starts at 9:30pm." A couple of pictures from the band; #1 and #2. Thanks to Erv.

Nitzan sent in this; "Some of the photos that were a part of the Nirvana exhibit [in London] were brought to Israel and were put up as a mini-exhibit. I went there yesterday [March 29] and it was amazing seeing Kurt's face enlarged on 2 meter high photos, among other things. Nirvana videos, shows and interviews were played on a big-screen TV, and some fans sat infront of it singing along. Although there were less then 30 photos, I enjoyed my visit and it was quite amusing seeing all the people that came in to see other things, surprised by the mini-camp all the Nirvana fans formed infront of the TV. Some Nirvana CDs were on sale and will be till April 15th when the exhibit closes." This exhibit in Isreal was briefly mentioned in an earlier update. When the exhibit was on display in London, UK - several news stories were written about it.

For the 7 billion'th time, Comedy Central will be airing SNL featuring Nirvana; "I just thought you might want to put it in the news that Comedy Central will be airing the Saturday Night Live episode when Nirvana performs HSB and Rape Me on April 19, 29, and May 16 at 1pm." Thanks to Lucas for this story. I believe the timezone is Eastern/Pacific.

In the February 18 update it was mentioned that the owners of domains such as and were being sued by, among others, Courtney Love. Rolling Stone also wrote a snippet about the incident in the story you can read here. Thanks to Shaun for the transcript.

- - - March 28, 2000 - - -

In Jack Endino's latest newsletter there is a little info on the No-WTO thing; "Most strange was a project that fell into my lap a few weeks ago. Back in December, during the WTO frenzy, Jello Biafra came to Seattle and did a live show with Kim Thayil on guitar and Krist Novoselic on bass, with Sweet 75's Gina Mainwal on drums. There was about 20 minutes of WTO-related spoken word from Jello (good stuff, too) and about a twenty-five minute set of music from the band. A fellow taped the show on ADATs, and another fellow named 'TR' who used to be in Sky Cries Mary converted the whole mess into Pro Tools digital audio files. I was then hired to mix it! To do this I had to take TR's 9 gig Cheetah SCSI drive down to Hanzsek Audio and plug it into their Pro Tools rig and go from there. There was editing to be done to take out some rather-too-pregnant pauses and other bad moments, and to cut things down to LP length, but no re-recording was done. No need for it. Still, the live recording conditions were not, um, 'optimal' let us say, so making it sound good was a bit of a challenge. Probably got a few new gray hairs from this one but even Jello seems to be happy now. It's pretty cool. It should be out soon on Alternative Tentacles as the 'Anti-WTO Combo Live from the Battle in Seattle', or something similar." This info was courtesy of Jack Endino. © 2000

"Nirvana got a 'last we forget' mention and part of the Come As You Are Video was shown on the UK Channel 4 Program T4 on 26/3/00". Thanks to Chris for this.

A lot of new WinAMP skins were added to the 'Nirvana for your PC' section. All of these were made by Alex Haspel from Thanks a lot to Alex for these. Check them out here.

- - - March 25, 2000 - - -

Here is a story that is a few days old, but interesting; "Spin Turns 15 with Madonna, Nirvana, Beasties, and Biggie. Spin, the nation's leading music and youth culture magazine, will mark its 15th year of publication with a special April anniversary issue featuring an expansive look back at its greatest hits (and misses), and a four-way split cover featuring famous cover images from Spin's past. The issue, which hit newsstands on March 9th, was released with four separate covers: Madonna, NIRVANA (1993), and late rapper the Notorious B.I.G. (1997). Spin's special 15th Anniversary issue takes an intrepid look back at a decade-and-a-half of shining moments, of metalheads and riot grrrls and B-boys, of politics and youth culture, outrageous admissions and compromising positions, and all of the groundbreaking stories caught by Spin's unflinching eye." This story was courtesy of Yahoo! News, March 3. Thanks to Adam for the link. The issue also featured a nice article on Nirvana that you can read here. The transcript was courtesy of 'keibler'. You can also see the cover here, courtesy of Alex.

"Channel [V] (Australia) will air a special on Nirvana on the 8th of April, 2000. The Foxtel TV guide reads: 'Nirvana Teen spirit, directors cut documentary and special clips' And its listed as running for 3 hours. A rumour from a guy in Sydney who mailed me about it says that the clips will be of their Australian tour! Or big day out 92 footage ... very interesting ... and quite likely, since they have shown big day out footage at nausium levels in the last month!" Special thanks to Daniel for this info. Looks like you folks down under should keep an eye on your VCR's record button this day! The Teen Spirit documentary mentioned is most likely the docu produced by Wienerworld Limited, offering some interviews and a tour of Aberdeen. The director's cut edit of this documentary is only 74 minutes long, however, so additional Nirvana footage must be aired as well if this Nirvana special is indeed going to last for three hours.

- - - March 24, 2000 - - -

Wow, we made it to TV! Apparently earlier today, the popular Canadian television channel MuchMusic was airing the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" video by Nirvana, during their 'Go with the flow' show. Near the end of the video, there was a caption naming the band's fansite or official website and this one came up. Randy explained it further; "I live in Canada. I was just watching tv on the Much Music Station and I came across SLTS. It was on a show called 'Go With The Flow'. And at the very end after the name comes up on the screen it had a caption that said this: Nirvana's Fan Site -" Thanks a bunch to Randy and 'Gbrad85' for this. Would anyone happen to have a recording of this particular moment? If so, please contact me as soon as possible. NFC is also mentioned on MuchMusic's official website, at least at the time being. Check it out here.

Rich Cracknell sent in this story; "Gavin Rossdale, frontman of Bush appeared on the 11 O'Clock show, a British 'news alternative'. They mentioned the Melody Maker magazine poll where Kurt Cobain was #1 Hellraiser and Gavin said he thought Kurt was more of a Punk than a hellraiser. The poll was also mentioned on the radio a couple of days earlier." Thanks, Rich. The poll in question was discussed in the March 21 update.

Mark from the Netherlands sent in this tidbit; "On April 5 [2000] there will be a NIRVANA night on the dutch TMF TV channel. They will broadcast a concert (I don't know which one) and an interview. Before the concert they will broadcast the top 10 Nirvana clips." Thanks Mark for that one.

- - - March 23, 2000 - - -

Kate Patten of the BBC sent in some interesting information about a Nirvana special they are working on; "We are wanting to make a film on Kurt Cobain as part of a series on music heroes talking to fans and people who knew him about the legacy of the music and the musician. The filming will take place in the Seattle/Aberdeen area around the anniversary of Kurt's death. It is not a celebration of his death. It is an exploration of what Kurt and his music meant to people." Kate is interested in getting in touch with Nirvana fans from the Seattle/Aberdeen area, who would be willing to contribute to the film. So, if you match that criteria and want to contribute to the project, e-mail me and I will forward your letter to Kate of the BBC. Serious inquiries only please. She added that; "If there are any fans in that area who would be prepared to talk to us, at what I know is a very sensitive time then that would be good, but any fans should get in touch with me if they are interested. People can talk to me without committing to anything so they don't need to be worried." She also wanted to point out that; "[the film is about] Kurt through the eyes of the fans so it is not a rehashing of all these previous documentaries." Thanks a lot to Kate for this information. Remember to e-mail me if you can help.

Leeza sent in this; "British Rock magazine Kerrang! is commemorating Kurt in an issue that is released on April 5th. They have asked for any drawings, poems, written tributes that anyone has that may be used in that issue. The address [to Kerrang! magazine] is: Cobain Tribute, Kerrang!, Mappin House, 4 Winsley Street, London W1N 7AR, United Kingdom."

The British Radio One will, like last year, be airing a Nirvana special in April; "At midnight on the 4/5th of April, BBC Radio One are playing, as a rememberance to Kurt, a top ten of listeners favorite songs. You can vote for your favorite 5 Nirvana songs." Thanks to Robert for this story.

- - - March 22, 2000 - - -

As reported in the February 12 update, a CD of the December 1999 live concert by the 'WTO Band' will be released shortly. Here is some more info; "On Dec. 1, 1999, as civilians were scuffling with police on the streets of Seattle during the WTO convention, Jello Biafra and a few select friends -- Krist Novoselic (ex-Nirvana, Sweet 75), Kim Thayil (ex-Soundgarden), and Gina Mainwal (Sweet 75) -- working under the name the No-WTO Combo, were delivering a message of their own on the stage of Seattle's Showbox club to those plucky music lovers who dared to breach the city's 'protest-free zone.' It turns out that the show was recorded for posterity, and now the Combo has decided to share it with you. The album, titled (what else?) The Battle in Seattle, is set for release May 8 on Biafra's own Alternative Tentacles label. Grungemeister Jack Endino (Nirvana, Tad, Mudhoney) will handle the production chores." Special thanks to AllStar News and Gillian G. Gaar for this story. Much more info about the WTO band can be found in the December and February updates.

Steven sent in some information about a fraud on the auction part of Yahoo!, offering rare Nirvana items. Here is the full story. The person in question is calling himself "dmustaine83" at Yahoo's auction site. Thanks to Steven Caldwell for this notice.

- - - March 21, 2000 - - -

A Norwegian newspaper put up some information about an article, apparently from Melody Maker, about the biggest trouble makers in rock. On the top of the list is Kurt Cobain, followed by the Happy Mondays and Black Grape member Shaun Ryder. Courtney Love is also in the list, not surprisingly. The story was in Norwegian so I'm not sure if "trouble maker" is the correct translation ;) Nevertheless you can check out the article from the Norwegian "VG Nett" here. Thanks to Roar for the link & Verdens Gang AS for the story. Yahoo! also put up the story, calling it a 'Rock 'N' Roll Mayhem Poll'; "When it comes to sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, Kurt Cobain is the King of Mayhem. The late lead singer of Nirvana, famed for his heroin abuse, gravelly voice and 1994 suicide, Tuesday topped a chart composed by Britain's Melody Maker magazine of rock 'n' roll hellraisers. The magazine's editor Mark Sutherland, reviewing the list of the bad boys and girls of an industry renowned for excess, said: 'Their antics read like a litany of sexual deviance, drug-fuelled escapades, self-abuse and mutilation.' Cobain tops the poll ahead of Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays and the late Keith Moon of The Who. Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, upholds the family honor by taking the No. 8 slot." Read the full Yahoo! story. Thanks to Chad Paulson for the link, and Reuters Limited for the story.

Not too Nirvana related, but Dave Grohl is featured on the latest album by the band "earthlings?". The album, "Human Beans", was released March 10. Here is some more info about the album, courtesy of 'Superstar 77'.

Yesterday, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters appeared on the US radio show "Rockline". He was once again asked about the box; "A caller asked about the Nirvana boxed set and Dave said that the last time he talked to Krist Novoselic (about 2 months ago), Krist didn't even know what exactly would be in it, apparently someone else is rounding up songs for it. Dave assumes that the box will include live songs and rarities." Thanks to Jonathan for this story. The 'other person' mentioned is most likely Gillian G. Gaar.

"On y-100, a local Philadelphia staion, Nirvana was the winner of their 'March Music Madness.' They start with 64 bands and over the course of the weekend they are eliminated by listeners votes. Nirvana won over 311 votes."

- - - March 20, 2000 - - -

A sought after Nirvana recording has now turned up, or info about it at least. The recording in question is a show Nirvana did in Olympia, WA on the 18th of January 1991. Someone who has a video of the show has put up captures from it and a few clips, including "School" in mp3 format. Here is some more info he provided on his page; "Below are a few video captures from the rare 1-18-91 'War Protest' show with Nirvana, Helltrout, Fitz of Depression and more. There are alot of rumors on the net about this tape. As the owner of the original (and only full copy) I will use this page to dispell these rumors. I will also be posting some MP3's from the show." - "The original is on VHS, though it is the original, it is almost ten years old. The recording process was not the greatest either." What is in particular interesting about the show is the fact that it opens with a speech from Krist about the gulf war and ends with Kurt smashing his guitar with a hammer! While the show would be a nice addition to any collection, the owner is unwilling to trade it at this point. Fortunately, he did put up a few MP3's as mentioned and might put up more eventually. The banner on the right and this information was courtesy of Willie. If you want to check the MP3's and video shots, go here. Note: The mp3's are currently unavailable. We'll keep you posted on the situation.

- - - March 16, 2000 - - -

Some time ago I put up my own 'improved' versions of the songs "Bambi Kill" and "Clean up before she comes". The songs were improved in the sense that noise and hiss was reduced, with other various fixes. Now it has become sort of a hobby to turn old recordings in poor quality into something that sounds a little better. Often it turns out bad, but I think I have made some songs sound better than their original source. The problem with noise reduction is mostly that it often produces an odd "underwater/burbley" sounding signal, a "rolly" high end, or a "computerish" mechanical sound. Though, fortunately this sound is not always clearly audible and its often better to listen to than a constant hiss. In any case I have compiled my own little experimental CD-R offering 30 tracks most of which were "improved" in some manor. I decided to put up a couple of clips from the CD. My favorites are probably "Bambi Kill" and "Clean up before she comes" so I put up some clips of those. Great songs actually -- yet both remain officially unreleased. I also put up a clip of the obscure song, labeled as "Seed" on a tracklist and "Misery Loves Company" by bootleggers. This one is complemented by a clip of the original, non-edited, noise-filled source I used to work with. It gives you an impression of how terribly bad these recordings are. With most of the tracks I just used whatever I had in my collection, thus I am sure that a lot of the songs could be even better if I had a lower generation copy. Anyway here are some clips. More will probably be put up soon. Even if you don't like noise reduction these clips will give you an impression of the gems that are unreleased - including a beautiful acoustic "Sappy".

Bambi Slaughter
Clean up before she comes
About a Girl [boombox]
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves (Cher Cover)
Sappy [early version]
Seed - new version
Seed - old version (unedited from analog. listen to this one first!)

Note: You need an MP3 player, such as WinAMP or Microsoft Media Player 6.x to play these files.

- - - March 15, 2000 - - -

Now that we're getting closer to April (the anniversary of Kurt's death), there are a lot of people wanting to see Nirvana on MTV's show "Total Request" (for some reason). Last year, there was a huge campaign to get as many Nirvana fans as possible to vote for Nirvana on TRL. It was a failure, as they didn't play Nirvana. So that is one of the reasons I get annoyed with all the "Vote for Nirvana on TRL" hype. But if you are one of those who just have to vote for Nirvana feel free to do so, on April 5 or 8, here. Total Request airs on the US MTV every weekday at 3:30 PM, Eastern (2:30 PM, Central).

Rory Dyer sent in this; "Nirvana were on a uk show called 'Top of the pops 2', this is a show where they air old chart toppers. They played the 'Smells like teen spirit' performance that is included on 'Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!' This show will be aired again in the weekend. I think it is on a Saturday afternoon."

The official Hole website was updated with a new design and a lot of new material. This includes an mp3 of the Kurt and Courtney duet of the song "Asking for it". The song has been available through trading for a while but it still a nice track. The site also offers several other MP3s by Hole. Download Asking for it with Kurt and Courtney on vocals.

- - - March 10, 2000 - - -

There was an interesting interview with Dave Grohl last night, when he appeared in the Swedish talk show "Sen kvšll med Luuk". They talked a bit about Nirvana and Dave gave his standard answer concerning the box. Some interesting excerpts: "Interviewer: Do you think you would be as good a solo ... band ... leader, if you hadn't been in Nirvana? Dave: Oh .. uhm, probably not. I mean, you know, there's no question that one of the reasons why this band [Foo Fighters] gets so much attention is because of Nirvana." Eat that, you Foo fanatics! - "Interviewer: We heard rumours that maybe there would be a Nirvana box out .. is that true, you know when? Dave: Probably this year. Late this year. Interviewer: Are there any new tracks on there? Dave: There's a song on it that no one has ever heard. I know that. That last song we ever recorded. So, uhh ... ". Again, the song he's referring to is most likely the song known as 'You've Got No Right' as mentioned in earlier news updates. After the interview the band did a live performance of "Generator". Thanks to John, Mattias, Ola, Jonas and several others for info about the show.

I decided to end the latest NFC poll after about 500 votes as the result was pretty clear. The poll "What is your favorite part of this website?" received 494 votes, out of which 30% voted for this very news section! The full result: Picture Gallery -- 127 votes (26%), Sound Gallery -- 47 votes (10%), News Section -- 150 votes (30%), Discussion Board -- 63 votes (13%), Movie Gallery -- 39 votes (8%), NFC FAQ - 9 votes (2%), Facts and Information section -- 39 votes (8%), Interviews and Articles section -- 20 votes (4%). So, the definite winner was this section while the Picture Gallery took a solid 2nd place. Interesting! Speaking of polls, the 'Box Poll' has been up for a week now and received more than 1.000 votes! Way to go! Thanks to everyone who voted. If you haven't voted yet, please do so here. Don't vote twice.

AllStar put up a story about the first stop on the Spitfire tour, featuring Krist Novoselic; "The spoken word Spitfire Tour kicked off its third year and biggest run yet Thursday (March 9) in Portland, Ore. on the campus of the West's most liberal institution, Reed College. Though billed as an enlightening, intellectually challenging presentation of 'musicians, artists and activists speaking out on global affairs,' the evening had the feel of a series of loosely-rehearsed comedy routines." - "... Next up was former Nirvana bassist, Krist Novoselic, who reflected on last year's tour, claiming that he received the most grief for advocating democracy as a means of social change. The casual Novoselic pumped his JAMPAC organization before discussing his reactions to the WTO talks and resulting riots in his Seattle hometown. With a dry wit and apparent awkwardness, the lanky Novoselic went through his journal of the historic events, claiming that the experience was both exciting and akin to 'a political Mardi Gras' ". This story was courtesy of AllStar news.

The latest album, "The Crybaby", by The Melvins contains a cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as mentioned several times before in this news section and in NFC Newsletters. The album is now available over at CDnow. I have not yet listened to the full cover but only a short soundclip. The SLTS cover has Lief Garrett on vocals. The album is the final in a trilogy, consisting also of "Bootlicker" and "The Maggot" ! You can buy the album at CDnow here. Thanks to Michael for the news.

The Nirvana photo exhibit that was displayed in London in January will also be presented in Tel Aviv, Isreal starting March 29. The exhibit features rare Nirvana photos by Steve Gullick, Marty Goodacre and Stephen Sweet. Much more info about the exhibit is available in past news updates. Thanks to Tom for this news.

- - - March 9, 2000 - - -

Colin Young sent in this; "The local radio station here, EDGE 102.1, announced that the WTO Band [featuring Krist Novoselic] had gone into the studio and recorded 5 songs. They didn't give anymore info."

Mitch sent in this warning; "You might want to warn your readers about a Fake Aussie Hormoaning that appears to be circulating a LOT. Somebody also mentioned a fake 'Blew' CD that was also well done. Check out the thread on the topic here."

- - - March 7, 2000 - - -

Wall of Sound just published an interesting story with some info from Dave Grohl about the upcoming Nirvana box; "A Nirvana box set is still on the horizon. Just don't ask for details, says Dave Grohl, the group's former drummer and the current leader of the Foo Fighters. 'It's going to happen at some point, but I'm not sure exactly when,' says Grohl, who's currently at home in Virginia enjoying some time off before the Foos start a tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers March 21. 'My guess is it'll probably come out before Christmas this year. They're just rounding up as much material as they can to make it as interesting as possible, but I don't know what's going to be on it. I don't know what it's going look like. I haven't talked to Krist Novoselic in about a month and a half; the last time we spoke, he wasn't entirely sure what was happening with it, either.' This story was courtesy of Gary Graff, Wall of Sound. Full story. Thanks to Dan for the link.

Some additional concert recordings were added to the 'Box Poll', announced a few days ago. Unfortunately these were left out from the first revision of the document. If you have not voted already, feel free to vote for one of "new" recordings, should they have your interest. Check the updated poll here. Thanks to Matt Reeder for some of the suggestions.

- - - March 4, 2000 - - -

Well well, the poll announced yesterday is running like a charm. Within 24 hours it's received about 500 unique votes! Way to go, people! If we keep going like this, we will surely end up with a result representing a large number of Nirvana fans. So a huge thanks to everyone who have voted so far. If you haven't voted yet, please do so here. You can also view the current result of the 'Box Poll' here. Currently, the 1/94 studio session has taken a solid lead but the 3/94 session is on a steady 2nd place. It's important to note that its still unknown whether this particular session took place at all. Anyway, please keep spreading the word about the poll so we can keep up getting a bunch of votes from Nirvana fans.

Florian wanted me to put up this warning: "I want to advise that the shop SISTER RAY [located at] 91 Berwick Street, SOHO, LONDON [UK] sells counterfeits of the Nirvana Love Buzz 7" single." Thanks for the warning.

Karla Sopp sent in the following story; "I have just bought a copy of Keith Caputo's new album 'Died Laughing' and was surprised to see there was a song written about Kurt Cobain called 'Cobain (Rainbow Deadhead)'. Caputo sings in the song 'Cobain was murdered by you/ Rainbow deadhead knew nothing'. In a recent issue of Kerrang! the interviewer asked 'Who's 'you' Keith?' Caputo replied 'Everyone, including myself. I wrote the song after reading the book 'Who Killed Kurt Cobain?'. Maybe it was the fans. Maybe it was the pressure of the business. This business ain't fun.' Caputo describes Cobain as 'a very beautiful human being. Very sexy. His soul was so, so heavy. He did it for him, man. He did it to give his rags and his ugliness to others. I feel like I do that same thing.' " Hmm interesting. Thanks to Karla for the story.

Brandon sent in this: "Nirvana was just put on 1 of 4 covers for this months issue of SPIN magazine. Check it out and let your page viewers know bout it.".

On the 7th March at 21:00 the UK VH1 will play a NIRVANA Special! The program is called "Egos & Icons"

- - - March 3, 2000 - - -

Something I've been toying with for about a week is now finished. I decided to put up a comprehensive poll, where you can vote for the recording that you would most like to see included with the forthcoming Nirvana boxed set. The poll will run for several months so we can get a good impression of exactly which recordings are most wanted by the Nirvana fans. When the poll has finished, I will forward the result to some of the people responsible for actually compiling the box. Then, in a perfect world, they would listen to the fans and include with the box, the recordings that received the most votes - alas the most wanted recordings. Of course they could just choose to ignore the fans, but if they decide not to, this poll should hopefully give an indication of what's hot and what's not. In any case it doesn't hurt to try and it will only take you two seconds to vote. I know several other sites have put up similar polls, but none that were as detailed and lengthy as this one. The goal is to get at least 10.000 votes so please tell every Nirvana fan you know about it - or put up a link to it. More information about that is available on the poll page. All votes are much appreciated. Check the poll here or the current result here. Note: The scripts handling the poll were entirely written by me so I can not guarantee that they will work 100%. Though, all tests so far have turned out perfect. Let me know if you encounter errors. Thanks, and don't forget to vote! :)

- - - March 1, 2000 - - -

I just got a log of yesterday's online chat with the Foo Fighters, courtesy of the host Planet Internet. The log is pretty easy to read as only questions and the answers from the Foo's are included (and thus not all the comments from the people in the chatroom). Special thanks once again to Jeroen for the link. View the log here. The log is supplemented by some nice photos of the band members during the chat. The picture on the right is from the show they did in Amsterdam at the 'Melkweg' last night. Special thanks to Sebastiaan for this one. Sorry for all the Foo stuff but I thought this was somewhat interesting and there's been no Nirvana news!

"I would just like to tell you that on the last 5 days leading up to 2000 the national Irish Radio station had a program that lasted for 4 hours each day, with the 500 greatest songs of all time and would you believe it? Nirvana were #5. They beat of the likes of the Beatles and John Lennon." Thanks to Gary for this info.

"Well this is probably just another one of those b@llsh@t rumors but I heard on my local Dallas Radio station 94.5 the edge that Dave Grohl said that they were hoping for a release [of the box] this summer and that there would be a never before heard song on it called 'Know Your Rights' ". Thanks to Adam for this story. This release date is bogus, but the info about the song should be correct, only the title may be different.

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