Google optimized for music fans

Google has unveiled its latest no-brainer: a search function that allows surfers to easily find music and related information on artists and albums. A Web surfer who types a band name, album title, or song lyric into the Google search bar will now get a list of online stores where they can buy the tunes in question. Those sites include Apple's iTunes, as well as rivals like Microsoft's MSN Music, and RealNetworks' Rhapsody.

From an article on the subject: "I decided to play around with the features myself. Typing Nirvana into the search bar gave me an album cover image at the top, with 'More music results for Nirvana' just below it. That link led me to a page divided into 'Artists', 'Albums', and 'Songs', including more images of album covers. Digging deeper, I was taken to a listing of albums, along with the online storefronts selling them -- including the big names above, plus retailers like Wal-Mart, CD Universe, and Other nice touches include track listings, links to artists' websites, related news, artist photos, and links to Google Groups for fans who want to discuss their favorite music online." Read the full story here. Courtesy of Motley Fool. In other Google news, the NFC is currently the first result when you type "Nirvana" into their search.

Posted in NFC news section at on 12-19-2005 @ 12:26 AM (GMT).

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