Official release date for "Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!" DVD + new Foo Fighters

The release date for Nirvana's first official DVD, Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! will be November 6 for Europe and November 7 for the US. See our previous story, which broke the news, for more info.

Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl will also feature in a Foo Fighters live-CD set to be released on the exact same day: "Three Los Angeles performances from the Foo Fighters' recent stripped-down tour form the basis for the live album Skin and Bones, can reveal. Due Nov. 7 via RCA, the 15-track set was taped in late August at the Pantages Theater and spotlights an expanded eight-piece lineup featuring violinist Petra Haden and keyboardist Rami Jaffee.

A DVD from the shows, boasting additional songs and extra features yet to be announced, will arrive later in November.

The track list blends material from the band's half-electric/half-acoustic album In Your Honor with vintage cuts like 'Big Me', 'Everlong', 'My Hero' and 'Walking After You', plus the Dave Grohl-penned Nirvana B-side 'Marigold', which the Foos had never performed prior to this tour."
Story courtesy of Billboard. Read more here. Read the story about the Nirvana DVD here.

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