The Year in Nirvana: 2005

With 2006 approaching fast it is time to look back at 2005 in terms of what happened in Nirvana land. It's been a fairly quiet year when it comes to Nirvana-related news and releases. Two major highlights dominate the year when we look back: the "Classic Albums" DVD on the Nevermind album and of course the "Sliver" album.

To recap some of the main events of the year:

  • The aforementioned "Classic Albums" DVD was released on March 22. It features a superb documentary on the making of the Nevermind album with fresh interviews, rare footage and the album's producer Butch Vig taking us through the multitrack masters.

  • In April, fans gathered at Viretta Park as usual to pay their respects to Kurt Cobain but, unlike last year, the media was somewhat quiet this time around. Check the news section archive for video and pictures from the activities in Viretta Park in Seattle, WA.

  • On July 22 the horrible Gus Van Sant movie Last Days was screened in the US and was rushed to DVD 3 months later. The movie is "inspired by Kurt Cobain's last days" and depicts Cobain-clone "Blake" who ... doesn't really do anything for ninety-seven minutes except kill himself (Cobain-style, of course) in the end. To classify the movie as one of the worst of all time is tempting. As Rolling Stone commented for the DVD release:

    "They were the most important group of the Nineties, but Boyz II Men are relegated here to appearing in a video watched by smacked-out rock star Blake (Kurt Cobain look-alike Michael Pitt). Hailed by some as a masterful meditation on a tormented soul, Last Days is an insufferably pretentious portrait of a mewling loser who's overly fond of Cocoa Krispies and shotguns. But there's a nice cameo by Ricky Jay as a private dick babbling about Chinese magicians."

  • Throughout the year, The Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee worked tirelessly to "memorialize Aberdeen-native Kurt Cobain within the Aberdeen city limits." In April of 2005 they reached the first milestone when the words "Come As You Are" were added to the famous "Welcome to Aberdeen" sign in the outskirts of the city. Read more on the memorial committee here.

  • In May yet another spectacular NFC competition was launched. This one featured the rare Pennyroyal Tea single as the first prize. The competition ended in September.

  • In September it was revealed that a "best of the box" Nirvana album would be released. It would contain three previously unreleased tracks. To help the Nirvana camp determine which tracks to use for the album, an NFC poll was launched and the results sent to the parties involved. Ultimately, the poll was deemed very useful by the Nirvana camp and the outcome of the album somewhat reflected the poll results.

    The album, Sliver: The Best of the Box was released on November 1 in the US and featured a song from the 1985 "Fecal Matter" demo as well as two other tracks that most Nirvana fans had never heard before.

  • Near the end of 2005, word got out that yet another Kurt Cobain documentary is in production. However, this one will feature excerpts from Michael Azerrad's taped interviews with Kurt Cobain. Azerrad is the author of the popular Nirvana bio "Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana".

  • Finally, in December 2005, a brand new design for NFC was unveilved along with a lot of new content.

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