Nirvana fight club to close its doors

On October 19, 1991 Nirvana played a legendary show at the Trees club in Dallas, TX. The show was the scene of a fight between Kurt Cobain and a bouncer during Nirvana's performance of Love Buzz which can be seen in the "Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!" video. Now, the club is possibly closing for good.

The Dallas Observer published an article on the club, including the complete story of what happened that October night when Nirvana played. Jeff who booked the performance explains: "By the time Nirvana took the stage, almost 1,000 people (including the guest list) were packed into our club. The smoke was dense, and it was hotter than hell itself. Five biker-looking bouncers were positioned in front of the band, so you could barely even see Nirvana. Still, lunatic kids managed to climb onstage and jump into the raging mosh pit. There was no controlling this crowd at all.

During the third song, Cobain threw a temper tantrum--he took his guitar off and slammed it into the monitor console at stage right. Kurt had destroyed the console and left the band without a monitor mix onstage, so they couldn't hear a thing. Creighton Curlee, the monitor engineer and owner of the console, stood there with a look of shock. He had never really heard of Nirvana until that night.

At this point, the security guys had become more sympathetic to Curlee than the band. One of those guys, a tattooed behemoth named Turner Scott Van Blarcum, turned around and looked at Kurt just as he waved his arms and implored the audience to jump onstage. He gave Kurt the finger and yelled, 'Fuck you, dude.' The band started playing the next song, and Kurt used Van Blarcum's back as a diving board to leap into the mosh pit.

As the crowd pulled Kurt in every direction, he motioned to Van Blarcum to help pull him back onstage. Turner was having none of it and pushed Kurt back further into the crowd. Cobain swung his guitar around and slammed it into the side of Turner's head. Blood flew everywhere, and the audience finally pushed Kurt back onto the stage. He fell to his knees and struggled to get back up. As he rose, Van Blarcum slugged him in the side of his head, knocking Kurt about 10 feet across the stage. Grohl jumped straight over the front of his drum kit, and Novaselic [sic] tried to tackle the guard. There were bodies strewn everywhere, beer bottles flying towards the stage and total mayhem in the audience."
Read the rest of this incredible story here. Thanks to Mike for the link.

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