Nirvana interview footage now online + more

The Boston Phoenix submitted this: "Just wanted to draw your attention to a couple of interviews with Nirvana that we recently republished and might be of interest to Nirvana fans; these articles have been out of circulation for over a decade.

There's a long Q&A with Dave, Krist, and Kurt that has an interesting provenance – the interview comes from 1991, and was conducted over the same weekend that the band played SNL and taped their MTV performance. The interviewer was Kurt St. Thomas, who was then the program director of the Boston alternative rock station WFNX, and he had a pretty good repertoire with the band because he'd world-premiered 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on the radio in the summer of '91.

Geffen commissioned the interview for a CD that was sent to radio stations, but there was a lot of material that never made it onto that CD.

In 1994, when Kurt OD'd in Rome, St. Thomas dug up the tapes and sent them to us. We published the interview then, but it has never been available online until now. You can find it here.

And here's a sidebar of quotes from Kurt that ended up on the cutting room floor: link.

We also unearthed a rare piece of Nirvana memorabilia: a pair of faxes that were sent to the newspaper by Kurt and Courtney in 1993. There's a bit of a backstory to why they faxed us, which is available here.

The short version is that we'd run an interview with Mary Lou Lord in early-1993 where she talked about her relationship with Kurt back in 1991, just as Nevermind was exploding. Later in 1993, Courtney got wind of the article and phoned us up, apparently drunk, then sent the faxes (they're in her handwriting but signed by Kurt) in which Kurt claimed it had only been a one-night stand. (Everett True has a different recollection in his new Nirvana: The Biography. We excerpted the relevant section here).

The authenticity of the faxes was confirmed by Courtney's publicists at the time – they'd begged her not to send them, but she ignored their advice and sent them anyway.

Although the faxes were mostly about that episode, they also have a wider relevance: for one thing, one of the faxes claimed that Mary Lou was the inspiration for 'Rape Me'.

At the time the faxes were sent, Kurt and Courtney were in the national news because Courtney had reportedly left Kurt for having guns in the house. Although our article hadn't talked about that at all, Kurt included a cryptic line in one of the faxes that said, 'I’ve got three guns now, OK?' You can read the faxes and the article we published about them here (again, this has never been online until this week): here.

And if you’re interested, the original profile of Mary Lou, in which she talks candidly about her relationship with Kurt, is available here."

A huge thanks to Carly and the Boston Phoenix for this!

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