NFC is 10 years old today!

Today it has been exactly ten years since this website first started.

Launched on April 8, 1997 this website took over from The Danish Nirvana Homepage, a small site that had originally been put online sometime in early 1996. In April of 1997 I registered the domain "" and quickly opened this website based on material from the old site.

The concept was to have a Nirvana fan club for members only, however this idea was quickly abandoned due to a number of factors. Since then it has been an unofficial fansite providing a wealth of material and interactive elements to Nirvana's fanbase.

Today it remains one of the biggest and most-visited Nirvana fansites online, with thousands of loyal visitors every day including many who have stuck around for years. After 10 years online, it has grown to include a lot of content to help preserve the memory of a great band and bring you a little closer to Nirvana.

There's still a large interest in the band and the Nirvana camp is still putting out new material regularly, with the highlight being 2004's box-set With The Lights Out. The NFC, as it has come to be known, will continue following the Nirvana legacy and bring you the latest news and information we can find.

Thanks for sticking around and for supporting the site over these past 10 years.

To read more about this website's history, check out the NFC museum.

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