Iggy Pop comments on potential collaboration with Cobain

"Kurt Cobain once left an early morning answer phone message for IGGY POP suggesting the pair hit the studio together - only to prove impossible for Pop to contact back.

Iggy Pop - real name James Osterburg - did his best to return the Nirvana frontman's call, but never did manage to get in touch with him. The 60-year-old says, 'He called me up once at two in the morning. But this was when I was old enough to start going to bed at 9.30. When I'm not gigging I'm sensible so I didn't take his call.

'It was cool because it was a great musician at his peak and he's going, 'Iggy, this is Kurt Cobain, let's get in the studio man.' 'So he leaves me a number for the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. And then every time I would call it was like, 'Mr. Cobain is under the bed,' or 'We haven't heard from Mr. Cobain in three days.' "
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