Dave Grohl hand-painted guitar up for auction

Dave Grohl has painted an electric guitar for charity - Little Kids Rock ( and Little Kids Rock bring free instruments and lessons to low-income school kids. For every $100 they raise from this event, they will be able to provide one child with an instrument and free lessons.

You can find the auction here.

Proceeds from the sale of this guitar will support the charity.

Dave's guitar is a part of Six-String Masterpieces, a collection of hand painted and sculptured guitars honoring the late Pantera/Damageplan guitarist, 'Dimebag' Darrell. The guitar auction and concert takes place on May 17 at the Hollywood House of Blues, and will feature an auction of electric guitars that were designed and hand-painted by an impressive list of musical artists as well as world-renowned tattooists and modern artists.

Also see this website about the event.

Thanks to Little Kids Rock for the info.

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