Trip to Seattle and Aberdeen 2007

In March 2007, NFC'er Joe Brewer and his girlfriend Stephanie took a trip to Aberdeen and Seattle to see the Nirvana and Cobain-related sights. They visited some of the homes that the Nirvana singer occupied, the infamous bridge immortalized in "Something in the way" and various other places in the area.

Joe submitted a bunch of material to the NFC - video, pictures and a detailed story of the trip.

Here's an excerpt from the intro:

"Seattle is a very cool laid-back city, much different from Washington D.C. where I have resided for my entire life. The streets are cleaner and much easier to navigate through, and the people of Seattle are much more laid back and friendly compared to my encounters during my life on the east coast. It definitely has more of an artsy/music scene presence than any city I have visited before. The city has a much broader appreciation for the music scene and much more interested in local musicians than from what I have experienced on the East Coast."

  • Read the full story (includes tips on Nirvana-related places to see in the area)
  • 170+ pictures from Aberdeen and Seattle: Part 1 - Part 2 (zipped)

    Selected pictures below:

    Also see 5-minute video below from some of the places that Stephanie and Joe visited on their trip:

    Many, many thanks to Joe and Stephanie for sharing their trip with the NFC! Be sure to check out Joe's great band Velvet at their MySpace site.

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