Nirvana on LOST - clips and more info

As reported previously, a Nirvana song was played during a critical scene in the season finale of the popular ABC show LOST.

This is the first time a Nirvana song has been licensed to a show on network television. According to an article in Forbes, four Nirvana songs were to be used in an episode of CSI: Miami last year. Ultimately this never happened but the use of a Nirvana song continued to be of interest to network executives.

As far as NFC has been able to gather - ABC later expressed interest in using a Nirvana song for their season finale of LOST. They provided a description of the scene in question, and the representatives of the Nirvana catalogue presented them with 4-5 songs that they could choose from. In the end they selected Scentless Apprentice. Here is how it was used in the episode:

Shortly into the episode, Through The Looking Glass (Part 2), in a flash-forward scene with Jack, you see him driving in Los Angeles, on his way to a funeral home. On the radio, Nirvana's Scentless Apprentice is playing.

In the car, Jack is looking at a newspaper clipping from the April 5th edition of the Los Angeles Times. It is conceivable that the radio was playing the Nirvana track in memory of Kurt Cobain who comitted suicide on the same date in 1994.

Indeed, suicide is a general theme of the episode: both Jack and Locke contemplate suicide. Mikhail uses a grenade as a suicide bomb to kill Charlie. And Sawyer, Juliet, and Hurley embark on an apparent suicide mission to save the three at the camp. As for other reasons behind using this particular song, Nirvana and LOST fans alike are eagerly discussing the topic in various online forums. NFC's own board has a thread on the subject here.

For more information about the song, check this link.

See below for the clip of LOST with the Nirvana song.

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