Patti Smith covers Nirvana - live video available

AOL's put up an exclusive video of Patti Smith performing her Smells Like Teen Spirit cover live. You can watch it here:

  • Patti Smith, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Video Premiere on Spinner

    "I always wanted to do a covers album, but I didn't really feel I had the range to do the kind of album I wanted to do," Smith told Spinner. "As the project evolved, a lot of the songs on the [original] list didn't make the final cut, and a lot of songs that I didn't plan on doing wound up being the ones I chose. They're all special to me for different reasons. But Nirvana was the most emotional experience." The video is directed by New York City filmmaker -- and longtime friend of Smith's -- Jem Cohen.

    Thanks to Kelly!

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