First memorial concert a success

About 600 fans showed up for the first benefit concert in the memory of Kurt Cobain, held at the 7th Street Theatre in Hoquiam, WA last week.

"About an hour before the concert in Hoquiam was set to begin, everything was quiet under the Young Street Bridge in Aberdeen, where the grunge rock icon is said to have hung out as a young man, seemingly with no place else to go.

For more then a decade now, fans have come to the Harbor to try to come to grips with Cobainís death in 1994 and figure out just what made him click.

On Saturday night, they finally had a place to go and feel welcome, courtesy of the Kurt Cobain Memorial Committee. The non-profit group made up of Cobain fans and Kurtís grandfather, Leland, is raising funds for a park and youth center in Kurtís name."

Read a full report of the event here, courtesy of the Aberdeen Daily World.

Apparently a second concert is planned for next year. Read more about that here. Also check out the committee's MySpace page here.

Finally, check out this story from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for a review and photos of the event.

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