Krist Novoselic comments on upcoming Unplugged DVD

From NME: "Speaking to NME.COM, Nirvana's bass player Krist Novoselic said he was looking forward to the release, particularly in its new audio format.

'The new 5.1 sound really opens it up and it gave me a new appreciation for the songs,' he explained. 'You can hear what each instrument is doing. It really invites you in and I'm sure everyone will enjoy it in a new way. I'd really like to re-release In Utero in that way at some point.'

A rehearsal version of 'Pennyroyal Tea' which features guitarist Pat Smear also playing in the track is included. This was originally the way the band planned to perform the song until Kurt Cobain decided at the last minute to play it solo during the show."

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For a full interview with Dave Grohl and his memories of Nirvana, get this week's issue of NME which is on UK newsstands now.

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