George McFly considered for Nirvana?!

In a recent interview, Crispin Glover - the singer and actor famous for portraying the role of Marty McFly's father in the Back to the Future movies - was supposedly considered for a stint in Nirvana.

In the interview with The A.V. Club (an online entertainment newspaper), he is asked if Kurt Cobain ever reached out to him about joining Nirvana:

"[Laughs.] I had heard that he liked my work, and I think that I did hear something about that. But my interests have always been somewhat different than being involved really in popular music. I know people don't call certain kinds of music popular music, but that's the way I differentiate between orchestral music and stanza/refrain music. But that isn'tI had a novelty record [the 1989 album The Big Problem Does Not Equal The Solution, The Solution Equals Let It Be] that has stanza/refrain in it as well, but it's not what my main focus in my life is.

AV Club: You would have turned him down, then?

Crispin Glover: Oh, I don't know. I'm certainly certain it wasn't something that was in earnest. The way that my first record came out was because there were two music producers who did contact me and did want me to do things, and were quite serious about it, and that's how it came about. If there had been a real serious effort by somebody, I suppose it's something I would have probably thought about, but that wasn't the situation, so. [Laughs.]"

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