New blog entry from Krist Novoselic

As reported earlier, Krist is currently writing a blog for A couple of days ago, he posted a new entry - this one about the closing of the legendary Crocodile Café in Seattle:

"The Crocodile Cafe came into being at the same time Nirvana hit it big [..] Nirvana did a great show at the Croc. We played mostly new material. There’s a box of about 3 or 4 camcorder cassettes of the performance somewhere. (Our road manager worked his way through the crowd and seized the tapes.)"

Read the complete entry here which also includes an mp3 of Krist, Dave Grohl and Buzz Osbourne performing a cover of the Flipper classic Sacrifice.

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Special thanks to the Seattle Weekly!

Posted in NFC news section at on 12-22-2007 @ 9:18 AM (GMT).

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