OTEP covers Nirvana

The US metal band OTEP covered Nirvana's Breed for their latest album, The Ascension, which was released this past October. The video for the Nirvana cover can be found on YouTube:

"For their new video, Otep created a spiritual, but nightmarish vision for their cover of Nirvana's "Breed" from their new album, The Ascension, which came out (Oct 30). The band shot the clip earlier this year with director Paul Brown, who helped Otep craft a surreal commentary about materialism, the media and perceptions of happiness."

Thanks to Dimple for the tip.

In related news, NFC'er Chris Hickman and a member of LiveNirvana also did a cover of Breed. You can check it out here where you'll also find a cover of Jesus Don't Want Me For a Sunbeam.

Posted in NFC news section at on 01-26-2008 @ 8:14 PM (GMT).

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