"Rape Me" on 'Bad songs by good bands' list

On a chart of "Bad Songs By Good Bands", Nirvana made it to spot #13 with Rape Me: "With its look-at-me outrageous title begging to be misinterpreted, Kurt Cobain and his unhelpfully obtuse lyrics managed to alienate the women he claimed to write this song in solidarity of. The big box stores refused to stock 'In Utero' on its shelves until Cobain agreed to change the track's name to 'Waif Me.' It says a lot when Wal-Mart's censorious meddling actually improves a song." Courtesy of

Other songs on the list include classics by Smashing Pumpkins, Kiss and U2. See the full list here.

Posted in NFC news section at on 05-18-2008 @ 10:22 AM (GMT).

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