San Diego man looks back on Nirvana's '91 OTR in-store show

An article on historic concerts in the San Diego Reader features a lengthy account, complete with visuals and testimonials, of Nirvana's 10-24-91 Off the Record in-store performance, near the start of their first national headline tour. "Right when we found out Nirvana was definitely coming, Nevermind jumped from number twenty to number seven on the Billboard charts. At that point, they decided there'd only be three in-stores for the whole tour - Seattle, San Diego and New York. For the one in Seattle, they purposely leaked out the wrong date and location, so the actual gig could stay a secret until the last possible minute", remembers OTR's Phil Galloway. "Part of the deal was that we had to provide the equipment, a twelve string guitar, a PA. The plan was for them to do an all-acoustic set. Geffen Records or some radio network was also going to record it. Things on our side fell through because we had all right handed instruments and so Kurt went ahead and played electric guitar. They ended up doing a whole forty minute hard rock set." Read full article here.

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