Sub Pop founders talk about label beginnings, Nirvana

In a recent Pitchfork interview, Sub Pop founders Bruce Pavitt and Jonathan Poneman talk about the label's early days and Nirvana's unprecedented success. In our press releases, we would announce that the Nirvana album was gonna go double platinum and stuff like that, never believing for a minute that would actually happen with the way that distribution and media was set up at that time. I remember Bleach in its first year selling 40,000 copies, which was amazing, remembers Pavitt. They hadn't put out any records yet, they had a single for us, a Shocking Blue cover, Love Buzz. When they brought the single in, they had a 45-second audio montage at the beginning. Now, the single totally rocked, it was a great single, and I said, "Look, speaking as somebody who has a background in radio and a background in reviewing records, you send somebody a single and it doesn't starting rocking until 45 seconds in, you're gonna lose them." If you were Mark E. Smith of the Fall, you could put out anything and people would listen the whole way through. But if you're an unknown band from Aberdeen, Washington, you're lucky if they even put the needle on the record, period. So I strongly suggested that he cut down the intro to 10 seconds or something like that. Read the interview here.

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