MTV tours Sub Pop offices, takes glimpse of Nirvana platinum record

To honor Sub Pop's 20th anniversary, MTV sent a journalist to visit the influential label's offices in Seattle, Washington. The tour was given by none other than Sub Pop Executive Vice President Megan Jasper (photo courtesy of MTV), who also came up with a list of her 20 favorite (and most important) Sub Pop records, that couldn't have left out Nirvana's debut LP, Bleach. See a video of the tour here, to take a peek at the Nirvana platinum record proudly the men's room! The SP20 Festival is taking place this weekend in Seattle - the city is posting Sub Pop's iconic black-and-white flag atop the Space Needle. More info on the showcase, including an appearance by Cobain favorites The Vaselines and a much-anticipated reunion of proto-grunge band Green River, here. The label will also re-launch, for a period of one year only, the Sub Pop Singles Club that, some 20 years ago, gave us the most coveted Nirvana collectible: the Love Buzz 7". More info on how to join the club can be found here.

Posted in NFC news section at on 07-09-2008 @ 3:58 PM (GMT).

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