Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters hit Australia

Here's a link to an interesting interview with Dave Grohl conducted before the Foo Fighters play a string of shows in Australia.

" 'Even before I joined Nirvana I would record stuff of my own at my friend's eight-track studio or on my own four-track at home,' he says. 'They were experiments where I'd play all the instruments and I'd sing. I was basically learning how to write songs.'

'I'm still a drummer at heart. Becoming a frontman, being the lead singer in the band, that's a weird transition to make. I feel comfortable doing it now, but it took a while.' "
Read the complete interview here. There's also a short Australian interview with Grohl here.

Some more articles from Grohl's trip down under: Dave buys an iPod and some underwear; Review of Melbourne show; Foo Fighters get 5 grammy nods and FF live at the Supertop.

In other Grohl news, apparently Jack Black who stars in the new "King Kong" movie begged Dave to make a cameo as the devil in the movie! "Satan appears in the Peter Jackson-directed movie, and the actor was convinced the Foo Fighters frontman would be perfect for the role of Lucifer, reports Black revealed: 'I asked him to be in King Kong. We wanted him to play the devil but he was too busy.' Black added: 'He doesn't have a major part - but he is a big influence.' " Courtesy of NME.

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