Frances Bean - intern at Rolling Stone!

Frances, the daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, is apparently doing an internship at Rolling Stone Magazine this summer: "The 15-year-old is the new summer aide at Rolling Stone. Insiders say 'she doesn't get coffee for anyone ... calls in sick all the time and wears funny outfits.'

A Rolling Stone rep denied the story, telling Page Six, 'She's a great girl, and we're thrilled to have her.' "
Story courtesy of the New York Post.

Meanwhile, Courtney Love who has attracted lots of controversy recently (doesn't she always?) writes on her blog yesterday that she's "so happy. I could just kiss the ocean, kiss the sky, and at the same time be morbidly depressed"! No word yet on how she has responded to the latest lawsuit by management firm London & Co. in relation to the Nirvana catalogue sale.

Love's attorney, Howard Weitzman, said of the allegations, "I'm aware there's an issue between London Co. and Courtney, but I have not seen the lawsuit."

As reported in a previous story, London is asking for $975,000 it claims it is owed as well as costs of the suit.

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