Bands cover Nirvana at Reading and Leeds Festivals

According to NME, a handful of bands decided to pay tribute to the late Kurt Cobain at the Reading and Leeds Festivals in the UK, last weekend.

Dirty Pretty Things covered Nirvana's In Bloom during their main stage performance on August 23. Midway through the gig, frontman Carl Barat announced that the band were "gonna do a song by an old band for you now," at which point they launched into In Bloom, from Nirvana's 1991 classic album Nevermind.

"Everyone said they liked it," a bemused Barat told Spinner after his band's Leeds festival slot. "This not the f---ing rush for land with everybody staking claims."

"The point is," American guitarist Anthony Rossomando said, "We don't give a f---. We thought it'd be f---ing cool and we love that band."

If the Dirty Pretty Things sound slightly defensive, it's because the festival's audience holds Nirvana on high after the Kurt Cobain fronted group made a significant impact on Britain after their 1992 Reading set, which NME readers voted the most significant moment in the Seattle band's history recently.

The Manic Street Preachers also did a cover of Nirvana's Pennyroyal Tea, Baltimore punks The Death Set closed with Territorial Pissings, while Feeder ended their set with Breed. Incidentally, Nirvana opened their legendary 1992 set at Reading Festival by playing Breed.

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