Goldberg talks about Cobain in new interview

In a recent interview for the Seattle Times, former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg talks about his newly-released book Bumping Into Geniuses: My Life Inside the Rock and Roll Business and about some of the artists he's worked with, especially Kurt Cobain, whom he calls "the greatest rock artist I would ever work with."

I know one thing for sure: That he wanted to be successful, that he insisted on it. He came to L.A., no one made him. Plenty of artists from that punk scene didn't come searching managers out, didn't decide to go on major labels.

The fact that he wanted success didn't mean that he liked all the things he got when it happened. He loved the integrity of the punk culture and never wanted to betray it, and it pained him when he thought he was betraying it
, Goldberg told Seattle Times music critic Patrick MacDonald.

The former Nirvana manager also talks fondly about Dave Grohl, although he admits he didn't know him too well, and praises Krist Novoselic's political activism.

Krist is so serious about his political activism. So disciplined. I am so impressed with him. He's like a policy wonk. He's highly sophisticated. Not the image of the big bass player who threw the bass into the air and it hit him on the head. He is so serious. I admire him a lot.

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