Update on former Nirvana guitarist, Jason Everman

An interesting update on Jason Everman who used to play guitar in Nirvana back in the day: "Jason Everman was the Stu Sutcliffe of Nirvana, briefly their second guitarist between Bleach and Nevermind (he's the one with the giant poodle mane).

In the November 10 New Yorker, there's a short piece about a group of Iraq and Afghanistan vets invited to a performance of Gregory Burke's Iraq-themed play Black Watch: one is retired Army Special Forces vet Jason Everman. Turns out he enlisted in 1994, directly influenced by Renaissance icon Benvenuto Cellini, whose autobiography promotes the ideal of the well-rounded man as artist, warrior and philosopher.

Indeed, Everman is currently studying philosophy at Columbia."

Thanks to the East Village Radio for the piece.

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