Kurt Cobain appears as character in new Guitar Hero

From "Gamers will be able to strum and sing as the iconic musician through two hits from Nirvana's magnum opus, Nevermind: the album version of legendary track Smells Like Teen Spirit and a never-before-released live version of the hit single Lithium.

While Nirvana's music has appeared in video games before -- including both Guitar Hero and competitor Rock Band -- neither franchise has managed to secure the license to 'Teen Spirit' until now."

The appearance of a Kurt Cobain avatar in the game has sparked a lot of controversy. According to several sources, Courtney Love plans to sue the maker of the game, Activision.

Stories on the subject:

Courtney Love to sue over Kurt Cobain Guitar Hero appearance (The Guardian)
Guitar Hero's use of Cobain offends surviving Nirvana members (Seattle P-I)

Further, Krist and Dave have released a statement concerning the use of Cobain's likeness in the game. Read it here.

Activision said in a statement Thursday that they secured the necessary licensing rights from the Cobain estate in a written agreement signed by Love to use the singer's likeness as a fully playable character in "Guitar Hero 5".

Interesting story from Rolling Stone here about how Nirvana was included in the game.

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