NFC's review of Live at Reading DVD

The eagerly awaited Live at Reading DVD has now been released worldwide.

One of Nirvana's best and most iconic performances is finally captured as a high-quality DVD - the latest offering from the catalogue.

The August 30, 1992 headlining concert marked Nirvana's return to the stage after the birth of Kurt Cobain's daughter, not to mention a period of much turmoil for the band.

It was a triumphant return with one of the longest concerts the band ever played, including songs that had yet to be released at that point, and an early version of what would become tourette's on In Utero.

The DVD, which includes the complete show, also depicts the band sharing funny onstage banter, engaging actively with the audience, and completely trashing their instruments by the end of the show.

The concert - which has been partially broadcast on radio several times, and long available in collector's circles in full - was way overdue an official release. The crisp color-corrected picture quality and re-mastered audio offers a great treat for Nirvana fans - not to mention an audio track which is now available in DTS and Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound.

While an original MySpace post about the DVD promised "a wealth of exclusive bonus features", the DVD, unfortunately, contains no bonus features at all. The only small bonus is a previously unseen clip after the credits of Kurt Cobain walking off stage, signing an autograph, and talking to a fan.

The limited edition DVD package also contains a CD of the show. Due to time constraints, the CD is heavily edited, omitting in-between song banter and such, as well as the track Love Buzz.

The historic concert is a must-have, though. It's one of Nirvana's finest performances, preserved for posterity in pristine quality, and definitely worthy of many subsequent watches/listens.

Some screenshots from the simple DVD menus:

Also check out a great review of the DVD from the Seattle Times.

If you don't own the DVD yet, you can order the various editions below:

  • Live at Reading: BOX SET

  • Live at Reading: CD/DVD
  • Live at Reading: CD
  • Live at Reading: DVD
  • Live at Reading: Vinyl

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