Them Crooked Vultures/"Guitar Hero" followup

If you haven't signed up for the electronic newsletter of Them Crooked Vultures, you might want to now - they're giving away a free song. The song is Mind Eraser, No Chaser and you can sign up right here! Just input your email address. They also have a YouTube video of their first single, New Fang up. Check it out!

If you'd recall, last month the estate of Kurt Cobain was suing regarding the Guitar Hero 5 game for misuse of his likeness. It now seems as though No Doubt will follow suit with the same thing in regards to Activision's (the developers of the Guitar Hero series) new game, Band Hero. Read more about this new development.

Posted in NFC news section at on 11-05-2009 @ 1:39 AM (GMT).

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