Nirvana Revenge - new app for the iPhone

Just released - Nirvana Revenge - a special edition game in the popular Tap Tap Revenge series. The game features thirteen of the iconic band's massive hits, including "All Apologies," "Smells Like Teen Spirit," and "Come As You Are."

From the press release:

"The game offers superior stability, blazing performance, and four addictive difficulty levels. Accompanying the 'career' mode tracks is a Bluetooth-based Battle Mode where players wirelessly challenge friends to a point-by-point battle for bragging rights on who�s the ultimate Nirvana fan. And there are four rich boss tracks in landscape, customized for each song.

Nirvana Revenge App players can enjoy Nirvana content, including a history section that tracks the course of the band and the Seattle music scene. In addition, for the first time in Tap Tap Revenge, players will be treated to narrative vignettes for each track, which offer back-stories related to the songs and comments about the band and their music. The narrative vignettes are from the 'Nightly Nirvana Sessions' courtesy of KNDD, 107.7 'The End' in Seattle."

The Nirvana Revenge App includes thirteen classic Nirvana songs:

  • "All Apologies" (In Utero, 1993)
  • "Breed" (Nevermind, 1991)
  • "Breed" (Live at Reading, 2009)*
  • "Come As You Are" (Nevermind, 1991)
  • "Heart Shaped Box" (In Utero, 1993)
  • "In Bloom" (Nevermind, 1991)
  • "Lithium" (Nevermind, 1991)
  • "Lithium" (Live at Reading, 2009)*
  • "Rape Me" (In Utero, 1993)
  • "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Nevermind, 1991)
  • "Smells Like Teen Spirit" (Live at Reading, 2009)
  • "Stay Away" (Nevermind, 1991)
  • "You Know You're Right" (Nirvana, 2002)

    The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

    Read more here or download it from the iTunes app store.

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