Courtney Love To Sell Nirvana Back Catalogue

A story which made the rounds last month:

Courtney Love recently revealed that she is considering selling all rights to her late-husband Kurt Cobain's back catalog. The Hole frontwoman, who is the exclusive owner of the rights, said that the possession and financial strings attached were more trouble than they were worth.

"I'm thinking about selling all of Kurt's rights - everything," Love recently told the Scotsman. "It's not a financial decision. It's an emotional one. He was the best friend I ever had, but Kurt and I were only married for three years, and now I need to have my own life."

"That money has been cursed since the day it started to come in," she added. "It's not really my money. I don't want Kurt Cobain to buy me shoes anymore. I want to buy my own shoes - lots of them."

Posted in NFC news section at on 05-13-2010 @ 7:50 AM (GMT).

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