Seattle trip 2006

For the third year in a row, my friends Eryn and Stephanie went out to Seattle in April to pay their respects to Kurt Cobain. Here is their story from this year (edited):

"I go to Seattle to restore my roots of who I am. And what made me the person I am today. Stephanie & I went together again this time. We are Nirvana soul mates. Hahah. We plan our trip several months in advance to make sure to get in everything that we want to do. Our first steps into the city always consist of walking down to the piers on Alaskan Way waterfront, saying hello to our good old city we both adopted as our own.

This was probably the wettest & heaviest rain we experienced in our visits to Seattle. It sucked we could not spend the time at the beach longer, since I never get to see them. So that evening we did a fun shopping spree at Easy Street Records and stayed for the live in- store performance of Eagles of Death Metal. Then we did my most favorite thing to do in Seattle, which is sit at the fountain in the Seattle center at night. It was nice but damp. But I enjoyed it very much, till the weird bum started to get ready to tuck in for the night in the grass behind us. Walking in the city at night is so neat. I am never bored nor bothered by it. I just love passing thru and by everything.

Our next day's adventure consisted of meeting up with some friends, one a photographer, one a writer, who both live in the area. We drove to Shoreline to meet up with one of them and see Robert Lang's studio and discovered another lovely beach. There I gather tons and tons of shells and rocks for my garden. That was probably one of the most favorite things I brought home from the trip. We ate at this small pizza dinner. Reportedly, Nirvana ate there after recording at [Bob Lang's] studio there, so we felt in the scene too. Haha.

Later that night, we went to go see our most favorite Seattle band: The Betty Ford Falcons. Where we had one of the best social experiences we ever had in Seattle. The band performed flawlessly and perfect and hit everyone's good mood. I met a lot of people and of course indulged in a Madori Sour on the way.

On April 5th, we got up really early to go visit [Viretta] park before heading to Aberdeen. We laid out some dry flowers and cigarettes on the bench and stayed for about 45 minutes. We had planned to come back on the 8th. We made the wonderful drive out to Aberdeen to meet a friend out there to stay the night with.

We got to spend a lot of time under the bridge this year though, about 4 hours. It was nice and warm under there. Note for next year thou: yellow spray paint. We got some crappy Maroon red and it didn't do anything. It was really humid down there and the shoreline rose of the muddy bands of the Wishkah.

My original message from 2004 can still be found, with the In Utero Angel I drew. You read all the messages and see how far some people have traveled, some from Japan, some from two towns over. It is definitely breathtaking. But we had a realization that Kurt had not even been at that bridge in an estimate of about 18 years ... can you believe how long ago? To me it just seemed like yesterday when I picked up the book and read about how special that place was to him, and how he could hide under there, and I saw the black and white photo.

Hearing the cars roll over the bridge, just as he did really puts you into place. After that we went to our friends house and hung out with him till the next day. He is also a Nirvana fan and we just talked about it all night. Nice to have people connect with you.

We left early that morning to have enough time to get the car rental back and go to the Jimi Hendrix Memorial in Renton. The memorial was really, really nice. Clean & well kept. No vandalism or anything at all. And they have his original tombstone re-moved from the ground, and into a marble counter. Not too much left for Jimi on the counter thou. We left him a postcard and a purple planted flower.

The 8th was the day dedicated to the park. We both got really beautiful botiques. Mine was one pink lily, one sunflower with babies breath. Stephanie was one purple/blushish orchid with one sunflower. Very, very lovely. I wish I could have kept it forever just to remind me of that day. But sadly, that day was rain & damp. After about 2 and a half hours in the park, we decided we needed to leave, in fear to get too sick from staying out there all day. When we were walking along Lake Washington, it started to rain hard.

We decided to make our hotel room, like our bedrooms as much as possible. We lit incense and journaled and I napped on the extremely comfortable bed. This was defiantly the coziest bed ever. Thank you Hotel Max room 514. Which of course was the Kurt room, well one of three or four they had on their grunge floor. You can also find pictures on the doors of Eddie Vedder, Courtney Love, Krist Novoselic and Chris Cornell and other grunge goodies for you. A really nice idea for a design. I thought it was done pretty well and I enjoyed it. I would like to stay in an Eddie Vedder room sometime. But I would have a hard time deciding which one, there is like 3 with his picture on the door.

So after another nightly review, we went for dinner at the Crocodile Cafe. We used that night to just do whatever and walk around the piers and enjoy our dear Seattle, because it would soon be gone from us soon. The morning of our departure, we walked down to our normal spot on the piers and smoked our last cigarette and said goodbye to the emerald city ... till next year. Goodbye grey skies, goodbye powerful crosswalks, goodbye 2nd Ave, goodbye cafe mocha chocolates. Goodbye postcard moments, goodbye scenic northwest, goodbye my Seattle, I'll see you again."
Thanks to Eryn for the story & pics.

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