Nirvana in Top 10 of Greatest Songs Of All Time

In a '500 Greatest Songs Of All Time' list by Rolling Stone, Nirvana makes it to the #9 spot with Smells Like Teen Spirit:

"Teen Spirit" wiped the lingering jive of the Eighties off the pop map overnight. "The song was a call to consciousness," Novoselic said in 2000 — Cobain's avenging grenade against the corporate invasion of youth culture, spiked with the demanding venom of the sneering chorus: "Here we are now/Entertain us." The phrase was something Cobain used to say at parties — "to break the ice," he said. "That could have been him watching TV," said Novoselic, "aghast at popular culture."

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In related news, don't forget to check out the June issue of GQ for a great article on Nevermind in light of the upcoming 20th anniversary.

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