Get #Nevermind20GoogleDoodle trending on Twitter!

A movement is forming on Twitter to get the Nirvana Nevermind 20th anniversary commemorated with a 'Google doodle'. These alterations on the famous Google logo can be seen marking major events, birthdays, anniversaries and other world happenings such as the Olympics and the US Independence Day.

Most recently, the 65th birthday of Freddie Mercury of Queen was celebrated with a Google Doodle.

See other past logos and get more info on the doodles.

It would be interesting to see Google mark the anniversary of Nirvana's landmark album on September 24, and get awareness of the music to reach a whole new audience.

To help, please use #Nevermind20GoogleDoodle as a hashtag in your tweets if you are on Twitter, or email Google about the suggestion.

Thanks to Sarah for the idea! Follow the webmaster on Twitter.

(Psst ... don't forget to pre-order the Nevermind 20th anniversary edition now!)

Posted in NFC news section at on 09-06-2011 @ 9:53 PM (GMT).

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