GQ's oral history of Nevermind - extended edition now available

In a recent issue, GQ published the oral history of Nevermind.

The extended version of their "Nevermind" oral history -- for which they spoke with everyone surrounding the album including Dave Grohl and Courtney Love -- is available as a kindle single from Amazon now:

The Moment We Found Nirvana: An Oral History of One of the Greatest Bands of All Time (Kindle Single)

Just 5 bucks! Buy the 25-page Kindle book from the above link. Short summary below:

The Moment We Found Nirvana consists of two parts. The first, an oral history of the making of Nirvana's Nevermind, compiles the reminiscence of nearly all the important players: surviving band members, the producer and engineer, Kurt Cobain's friends and family, record execs, and of course, Courtney Love.

No one pulls punches. To wit, the Melvins' Buzz Osborne: "We were futureless people. And then to get to a point where you're buying cars with a credit card and selling 50 million albums worldwide and then you marry a swamp beast and then you end up dead?" Or Mark Kates (Geffen Records Publicity): "Like, what's the other most important album that's come out since then?"

The second part is both somewhat beside the point and a lot more fun. It consists of out-takes from Courtney Love's interview, and if you think the woman has lost any of her edgy logorrhea, think again. For Nirvana fans, this piece provides another crucial entry in the wealth of literature that has sprung up around the band since the mid-1990s. For the curious pedestrian, it amounts to a tantalizingly compact collection of the thoughts and memories of those who were there. --Jason Kirk

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