Q&A with Krist Novoselic about Nevermind 20th

Billboard just did a great Q&A with Krist Novoselic in connection with the 20th anniversary of Nirvana's Nevermind album - a topic that the interview focuses on. One of the more interesting questions pertains to how much Krist was involved with the 20th anniversary edition:

Krist: I worked with our management, Silva Artist Management. They were working with the label. So we were discussing different concepts. The idea was to have a DVD and package that shows how "Nevermind," which I'm told is a seminal record, came about. So you can watch a concert of the band. We had this concert that we never really did anything with. It was filmed in 1991. So we worked on that -- mixing it and editing it. And then we collected documents.

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Also check out their current issue - a cover story called "The Lessons of Grunge" with interviews from other people of the scene. More info.

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