Nirvana's music on TV and in movies

I recently stumbled upon an interesting article from the Chicago Tribune. It debates the use of Nirvana's music in television, movies and possibly commercials. Nirvana has long been off limits for use in this capacity but this is bound to change after Courtney Love recently sold a stake in Nirvana's publishing rights to Larry Mestel.

"Though a couple of compilations and one boxed set of the band's music have been released in the last few years, during the last decade, Nirvana's music has been largely absent from the pop-culture scene, especially in films and on television.

Licensing of the Nirvana legacy began in a small way a year ago, when 'Six Feet Under' used a Nirvana track, All Apologies, in a flashback scene in which Nate Fisher talked about Cobain's death. And 'Jarhead', a 2005 film directed by Sam Mendes, was allowed to use Something in the Way. (Mendes wanted Smells Like Teen Spirit, too, but was turned down).

[Veteran music supervisor P.J.] Bloom, who said that song-licensing prices have 'skyrocketed' in recent years as foundering record companies have attempted to wring profits from their artists in new ways, estimates that if a 'major studio came calling and wanted a song for a summer tentpole film,' the price tag for a Nirvana song could be up to $500,000, or even more."

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