Nirvana for Xmas Number One off to good start

The campaign to get Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit to #1 on the British charts officially kicked off today. That is, if you buy the single from today, it will stand a chance of hitting #1 for Christmas.

As of right now, the single is #3 on Amazon's Top 100 MP3 chart and #1 on their Rock chart. In fact, different versions of the track occupy no less than six spots in the current Top 10.

There's a number of versions of the song eligible for the chart and you can buy 1 of each version per vendor (ie. 7 from iTunes, 7 from Play etc), this is not "bulk buying" because they are all different versions. They will show up seperately on the download chart but importantly they all count the SAME on the main chart on Xmas day.

For more info, check out the Nirvana For Christmas No. 1 Facebook page which currently has over 136,000 likes. You can also use the hashtag #NirvanaForXmasNo1 on Twitter.

  • Buy the song now to help support the campaign!

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