Endino visits Aberdeen, Washington

In today's edition of The Daily World (a local newspaper in Aberdeen, WA) there's a piece on Jack Endino who is in town to work with the band JED.

Endino, of course, engineered Nirvana's debut album and worked with the band a number of times. " 'When Kurt (Cobain) called me and said, 'Yeah, my name's Kurt and I've got Dale from the Melvins helping me on drums,' I figured it must be all right because Dale wouldn't be in some (bad) band,' Endino says Dale being Dale Crover, drummer for the Melvins, another successful Grays Harbor outfit whose influence on Nirvana's legacy also can't be overstated."

The rest of the article chronicles Nirvana's early days of which Endino was a large part.  " 'The first few times I saw them (live), they weren't very good,' Endino says. 'Kurt hadn't really figured out how to sing and play (guitar) at the same time. So his voice wasn't as good live as it was in the studio because he had to try and play the guitar parts. He figured out the key was to write simpler guitar parts so he could sing better.' " You can read the complete article here. Courtesy of Jeff Burlingame. Also thanks to Paul.

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