New Nirvana book by Everett True

NIRVANA: The True Story by Everett True is a brand new book coming out in September 2006. It purports to be the "true story of Nirvana written by the only journalist allowed into Kurt Cobain's house immediately after his death." Here is the full press release:

"Everett True is responsible for bringing Nirvana, Hole, Pavement, Soundgarden and a host of other bands to public attention. He introduced Kurt to Courtney, performed on stage with Nirvana on numerous occasions, famously pushed Kurt onto the stage of the Reading festival in 1992 in a wheelchair and was the only journalist allowed into Kurt Cobain's house immediately after his death.

Nirvana: The True Story is an honest, moving, incisive, heartfelt re-evaluation of a band that have been misrepresented time and time again since their untimely demise in April 1994. As a personal friend of many of the stars of grunge Everett True is in a position to give far more of the detail behind the stories than ever before.

Everett True is the Editor-in-Chief of Plan B Magazine and a former Editor of Vox and Assistant Editor of Melody Maker. He has written books on The Ramones and The White Stripes, both published by Omnibus Press."

Thanks to Sharon Kelly and Music Sales. You can find an interesting interview with Everett True here (not recent). The book spans more than 500 pages and features a bunch of previously unpublished details on Nirvana, interview excerpts and much more.

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